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  • http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/ dmin/2007/2288.html is the judgment in the

UK court case on n Inconvenient ruth, enabling you to check item 11355.

Libary references:

number of Plimer’s references are to books and journals that are only

found in specialist libraries. However the journals Science and Nature are quite widely available and so much of my checking of references in Heaven + Earth has concentrated on these journals.56

ccess to Nature will enable you to check 57 references 17, 18 [item 7], 2056 [item 84], 2134 [item 102].

ccess to Science will enable you to check references 255 [item 23], 595 [item 41], 1075 [item 46], 1682 [item 61], 1738 [item 63], 1990 [item 78], 2009 [item 82], 2123* [item 99], 2178 [item 112].

Other journal access Some scientific journals make older material freely available on-line. In addition, a number of journals allow authors to post copies of their articles on their personal web-sites.


This analysis draws on the work of various colleagues.

Many errors in Heaven + Earth were

brought to my attention by Barry Brook,

.B. Pittock,

.J. Guttmann, Michael

shley, Tim

Lambert, Steven Sherwood, Kevin Hennessy, Colin llison, David Karoly and Penny Whetton. This input is acknowledged by initials after various items. Generally this does not cover cases where several of us have independently noted the same flaw. My grateful thanks for this input should not be taken as implying that they agree with every detail of how I have discussed the concerns that they identified. Thanks to Jeremy Mates for sending in editorial comments. Item

13 includes a comment from the Brave New Climate Richard Brak who organised a ‘re-direct’ when The URL that I sent them.

website. ustralian

Particular thanks are due to inserted an extra dash in the


This discussion, its contents and style, are the responsibility of the author and do not represent the views, policies or opinions of The University of Melbourne.


Ernestina Badal, Joan Bernabeu, and Jean Louis Vernet. Vegetation changes and human action

from the Neolithic to the Bronze

ge (7000-4000 B.P.) in licante, Spain, based on charcoal

analysis. Vegetation history and archeobotany, 3:155–166, 1994.

55 56 57

s noted in connection with item 113, version 2.1 gave an incorrect URL.

  • *

    after the reference number indicates that this reference is the same paper as one earlier in the list.

In version 1.9, several citations of papers in Science were incorrectly listed in this section as being in Nature.


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