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both 2007 and 2008 have annual temperatures higher than any year prior to 1997 in the instrumental record.

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    p. 32: within a glacial period that has already lasted tens of millions of years, identified in footnote 38 as Pleistocene glaciation, sometimes called the Quaternary glaciation implying a tens of millions of years duration for the ‘Pleistocene’ and ‘Quaternary’ that might surprise Plimer’s geological colleagues.

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    p. 33, figure 5: Caption reads: The amount of temperature and temperature change .... This is two different things, but only one line is plotted. In addition, this unattributed graphic lacks any indication of the rapid cooling and warming associated with the begin- ning and end of the Younger Dryas [c.f. pages 42–44 and figure 10)]. Since the graph extends to the point labelled Today at 2000 on the time-scale, the description ime (years ago) is incorrect. However,10 comparisons with other publications indicates that this is rates of change from the GISP-2 ice core. However, in the ‘original’ graphic the time- scale was non-linear (possibly linear in depth), and the linear time-scale has been imposed by Plimer (with, as noted, the endpoint being inconsistent with the labelling). This is one of the weirder cases of distorted graphics since Plimer’s falsification of the time axis acts counter to his argument by removing the changes around the Younger Dryas.

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    p. 40, figure 8: lower part lacks numbers on horizontal axis.

  • 18.

    p. 43, figure 10: The plot of ice accumulation is meaningless without saying where.

Clearly, 0.2 metres/year for the last 10,000 years is not a global average.


p. 59:

In the section on The Roman

arming Plimer states

emperatures in the Roman

w a r m i n g w e r e 2 t o 6

C warmer than today.

s discussed in the subsection ‘Roman Warm-

ing’ below (page 44), none of the scientific papers cited in this section of Heaven + Earth

present evidence of such warming anywhere on earth.


p. 59:

Plimer goes on to say By 300

D, the global climate was far warmer than at


. Reference 217 is a 1977 book by H. H. Lamb which says little about Roman


The strongest statement seems to be on page 4 saying that By late Roman times,

particularly in the fourth century meaning the mid 1970s.

D, it may well have been warmer than now, with ‘now’


p. 63: In the Medieval warming, it was far warmer than the present and the warming was widespread.239 The citation for this (reference 239) is the book: The Little Ice ge. The index identifies four references to the MWP. One is a passing reference, one refers to sea level and one notes a subsequent cooling of 0.7C to 1500. The most detailed discussion is on page 376 which presents only one time series of temperature estimates — 1000 years

from central England.

In addition, proxy series from Greenland and North

merica are

shown without any temperature calibration, and combined into a ‘North

tlantic index’

again without any temperature evidence is given on page 45.









10Clarification added in version 1.9.


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