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Ian Plimer’s ‘Heaven + Earth’ — Checking the Claims - page 8 / 64





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millions years368. This is in accord with mainstream climate science and totally contra- dicts the main thrust of Plimer’s book. (Repeated on p426 citing the same reference as number 2140).

27. p. 87: If it is acknowledged that there have been rapid large climate changes in the past, t h e n h u m a n p r o d u c t i o n o f C O 2 c a n n o t b e t h e m a j o r d r i v e r f o r c l i m a t e c h a n g e . T h i s m a k e the false assumption that there is an either/or choice between human and natural causes that applies at all times and on all time-scales. s

28. p. 87: The ‘Hockey Stick’ temperature reconstruction by Mann et al. has come under intense criticism and Plimer repeats much of this in the section The long tale of the lone pine, attacking the [Mann et al., 1998] paper (footnotes 369 and 372) and repeatedly calling Mann et al. ‘fraudulent’. What is surprising is that all this invective is focused on the wrong paper — [Mann et al., 1998] is not the source of the data used in the IPCC ‘hockey stick’ plots. Mann et al. [1998] is a global analysis (c.f. northern hemisphere in IPCC report) and only covers 600 years (c.f. 1000 years in IPCC report). It appears that Heaven + Earth never actually cites the 1999 Mann et al. hockey stick paper.


p. 87:

In the IPCC Second

ssessment Summary for Policy Makers in 1996, a diagram

showing the past 1000 years of Earth temperatures from tree rings, ice cores and thermo-

meters showed the Medieval

arm period, the Little Ice

ge and the Late 20th Century

arming. The S R SPM does not include any diagrams. The temperature reconstruction in the echnical Summary of the S R only goes back to 1400.

  • 30.

    p. 88: Essentially repeats (in a slightly less specific form) the earlier false claim (on page

  • 22)

    that ‘hockey stick’ occurs a total of 5 times in the IPCC 2001 SPM, [see item 11] —

[DK]. 31. p. 89, figure 11:12

In the upper part, the ‘hockey stick’ curve has been displaced upward

relative to the version shown in the 2001 IPCC report, in spite of claiming to be the same reference period and having the 1998 instrumental values the same. In the lower part of figure 11, the depiction of the Medieval Warm Period is inconsistent with the claim on page 128 that The Wolf minimum heralded the end of the Medieval arming and the beginning of the 600 year Little Ice ge. It took only 23 years to change from a warm climate to a cool climate. In addition the 20th century temperature data have been falsified by showing the 2000 temperature as almost exactly the same as the peak circa 1940 rather

then 0.6C higher.

32. p. 91: This makes a succession of claims about IPCC treatment of the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) , Little Ice ge (LI ) and hockey stick:

i: the 1996 IPCC report showed the Medieval

arm Period and the Little Ice



Mann’s “hockey stick” was used in the IPCC’s 2001 report and the Medieval


Period and the Little Ice ge were expunged

iii: In the next IPCC report the Medieval re-appeared (i.e. the 2007 report).

arm Period and the Little Ice

ge mysteriously

12Prior to version 1.7, the page was incorrectly given as 99.


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