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2. Loosen the 24mm rear axle nut, located on the RH side of the swingarm. Hold the LH side of the axle with a 17mm wrench, while loosening the nut with a pull bar and 24mm socket. Loosen only by 2 revolutions.

3. Using a 14mm 6 point socket, remove the rear brake adjustment nut from the brake linkage. Once removed, depress the brake pedal and remove the brake rod and spring from the brake lever on the rear brake drum. Push the round insert from brake lever on the rear brake drum, slip it on the brake rod, and reinstall the 14mm rear brake adjustment nut on the brake rod. This will secure all components until you’re ready for reassembly.

4. On the same side of the brake drum as the rear brake lever, locate the drum tie rod. This is the rod that secures the rear drum to the frame. Remove the cotter pin from the attachment point on the drum, loosen and remove the 12mm nut, and press the attaching bolt from the tie rod and drum assembly. Reinstall the bolt, rubber bushing, flat washer, 12mm nut, and cotter pin in the tie rod. This will secure these components until time for reassembly. The photo below illustrates steps #3 and #4… You’ll notice the brake linkage and tie rod, disconnected from the rear drum, and with the associated parts reattached for security.

5. Loosen the 14mm rear wheel adjuster locking nut and adjuster bolts. There is one adjuster assembly located on each side of the swingarm. Loosen them all the way forward, allowing the rear wheel to move as far forward as possible in the swingarm, loosening the chain.

6. Remove the chain from the rear sprocket (or belt from rear pulley, if equipped with the Scootworks Belt Drive system). Some chains may require the removal of the axle to gain enough loose motion for removal from the sprocket/pulley. If so, we’ll get to that shortly.

7. Completely remove the 24mm nut from the rear axle. Lift the rear wheel to relieve tension from the rear axle, and push the rear axle from the rear wheel assembly. Lower and remove the rear wheel from the swingarm. Take care to notice the placement of the rear axle bushings on either side of the swingarm (one on each side of the wheel), and the two rear wheel spacers. Once removed from the bike, pull the brake assembly from the rear drum (RH side of the wheel), and place out of the way. Place the wheel on it’s side, with the open brake drum cavity facing downward, and the sprocket facing up.


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