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acceptable results. This subitem also includes documentation (technical data) of the various process conditions needed to produce these materials.

Method of Oper tion: Equipment, process controls, and software for den- sification and pyrolysis are used throughout the manufacturing process for structural composites to handle, process, and finish the material and the re- sulting products (i.e., rocket nozzles and RV nose tips).

Typic l Missile-Rel ted Uses: This equipment, process controls, and soft- ware are used to produce structural composites (including carbon-carbon items) used for rocket nozzles and reentry vehicle nose tips.

Other Uses: These items are also used for diffusion bonding of metals, in powder metallurgy, and for treating metal components.

Appe r nce ( s m nuf ctured): The equipment resembles other manufac- turing equipment but can include smaller (research size) items. Process con- trols can take the forms of technical data such as paper, magnetic, or other media. Specially designed software is usually indistinguishable by visual in- spection from commercially available software and can take the form of computer disks, CD ROMs, etc.

Appe r nce ( s p ck ged): Larger pieces of equipment may be shipped as components, while smaller items may be shipped assembled. These items are usually shipped in crates or on pallets in a similar manner to other industrial equipment. Process controls (including technical data) are shipped like other information on paper, magnetic, or other media. Software can be transferred on disks, CD ROMs, etc., or over networks. Software and technical data may be included in the shipping containers with its respective equipment.

Notes to Item 7:

  • (1)

    Equipment included under (c) above are isostatic presses having all of the following characteristics:

    • (a)

      Maximum working pressure of 69 MPa (10,000 psi) or greater;

    • (b)

      Designed to achieve and maintain a controlled thermal environ- ment of 600 degrees C or greater; and

    • (c)

      Possessing a chamber cavity with an inside diameter of 254 mm (10 inches) or greater.

N ture nd Purpose: Isostatic presses are used to infuse carbon into a porous carbon preform of a rocket nozzle or reentry vehicle nose tip under great pressure. This process, referred to as densification, fills up and virtu- ally eliminates voids in the preform and thereby increases the density and strength of the treated object.

Method of Oper tion: The object to be processed is placed in the appro- priate chamber and lowered into the hot zone of the furnace. All water and


Produced by comp nies in

  • France

  • ermany

  • Russia

  • United States


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