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Case 1:09-cv-06338

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Filed 10/09/2009

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Southwest Polygraph Services, Inc.

Originally Established in 1979

Lawrence S. Beaumont Director

P.O. Box 566 Palos Park, IL 60464


July 24, 2009

Andrew Staes Attorney-at-Law 111 W . Washington Chicago, IL 60602


Terry B. Pansing

Date of Birth:

December 6, 1951

PsychophysioIo2icaI Detection of Deception Examination

Date of Examination:

July 23,2008

Place of Examination:

Southwest Polygraph Services, Inc. (Chicago)

Identifvin2 Information and Reason For Examination:

Mr. Terry B. Pansing is a 57 year-old male who was referred by Andrew Staes, Attorney

Deception (PDD) examination. the PDD examination was to verify the truthfulness ofMr. Pansing's statements regarding his denial of having sexual contact with fellow employee Corrine GehrIs. at Law, for a Forensic Psychophysiological Detection of The purpose of

Mr. Pansing stated he curently resides at 985 Pine Crest Drive, Sugar Grove, Ilinois. He stated that his telephone number is (630) 466-3705. Mr. Pansing is currently married and has one child. He appeared to be in good physical condition. He was dressed in clean casual clothing, and appeared to be slightly apprehensive regarding the examination. He presented as being alert and well oriented to person, place and time. He did not appear to be under the influence of any drug or ilegal substance. He stated that he had not taken any prescribed medication in the last 24 hours with the exception of medication a thyroid problem. He appeared to be of above average intelligence, and no deficits in attention span or concentration were noted. His comprehension of simple commands was unimpaired, and he exhibited no memory impairment relative to the alleged sexual contact.

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