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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 10 / 42





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Musaib). In my eyes he is the most competent person among the Tabiites. As the Ibn Hajar, he is one of those scholars who are trusted of the jurists. According Al-Mukhtasar of Adh-Dhahabi, he (Sa’id Bin Musaib?) was the Chief of the Tabiites, his arguments were thorough. He was a jurist who had fame and was on the top both in knowledge as well as actions. He died in 94 AH.


Abu Abdur-Rahman Abdullah Bin Habib As-Salimi has been mentioned among the reciters of Quran. He was a close friend of Amir-ul-Muminin A.S. Ibn Qutaibah has said about him that jurisprudence (Al-Fiqh) has been taken from him. He died in 105 AH.


Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (A.S)

During his time, the number of Shi’ite reporters and writers increased. It also happened during the time of his son Imam Jafar Sadiq (A.S.). only Jabir Bin Yazid Al-Ja’fi alone reported seventy thousand traditions from him which he narrated on the authority his ancestors and the Prophet (SAWW) Himself. He passed away in 113 AH.

Among the followers of the followers (Tabi’it Tabi’in) and the latter generations, they were.

1.Jabir Bin Yazid Al-Ja-fi, as has already been said, reported seventy thousand Traditions. He used to say, I have fifty thousand traditions out of which I have not reported any and all of them are from the Prophet (SAWW) through the agency of Ahl-Al-Bait (A.S.). It means that the thing, which checked him from reporting those Traditions might have been the fact that some weak-minded people could not bear them and would have belied him and this attitude would have spread to most people.

He died in 127 AH

2.Al-Hafiz Al-Muhaddith Al-Aabid Mansur Bin Mutamar Al-Kufi. He died in 132 AH.

3.Aban Bin Taghlab complied Kitab-ul-Fad’il which is counted among the basic and fundamental books (Usul of the Shi’ites. An-Najashi has said about him, He was well versed in every branch of knowledge. He has included Jurisprudence and Traditions in his statement. Ash-Shaikh has said in his Al-Fahrist that he was a noble jurist. He reported thirty thousand Traditions from Imam Jafar Sadiq (A.S.) as has already been mentioned. He died in 141 AH.


Abu Abdullah Abdul Muminin Bin Al-Qasim Bin Qais Bin Qahad Al-Ansari Al-Kufi. He died in 147 AH.


Imam Jafar Bin Muhammad As Sadiq (A.S.)

During his times, the number of people reporting from him as well as that of authors increased. No one from among the ahl-al-bait (A.S.) has been so reported from as he, so much so that Al-Hasan Bin Ali Al-Washa has said, I met 900 Shaikhs in the Mosque of Kufa, every one of them saying, Jafar Bin Muhammad told me, only one reporter, Aban Bin Taghlab alone reported thrity thousand traditions from him. Al-Hafiz Ibn-ul-Uqdah prepared a special book in which very authentic reporters were included to report Traidtion through Imam Jafar Sadiq 9A.S.). THE number of such reporters was 4000. Similarly, 400 books were compiled from the replies he gave to different

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