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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 12 / 42





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Al-Barqi has said in his Rijal that Ubaidullah wrote a book, which was the first one among the Shiites.

He died during the mid-second century.


Mawiyah Bin Ammar Ad-Dahani is the author of a number of books on jurisprudence and traditions, which has been mentioned by Ash-Shaikh At-Tusi in Al-Fahrist and by An-Najashi with their authorities. He died in 175 AH.


Imam Musa Al-Kazim (A.S.) Bin Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (A.S.)

His companions composed book in various branches of religious studies, which they based upon the knowledge they received from him. The Shiites have quoted them along with their authorities going back to the original reporter and prominent persons have included them in collections. He passed away in 183 AH.


Ibrahim Bin Muhammad Bin Abi Yahya Al-Madani who was a freed slave of Aslum Bin Afaa the Shaikh of Imam Ash-Shafii. He was a companion of imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (A.S.) and Imam Jafar Sadiq (A.S.). Ash-Shaikh has said in Fahrist that he wrote a book in a number of Chapters relating to Halal and Haram. 1 it has been reported from Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (A.S.). Ash-Shaikh has quoted the authorities too. He died in 184 AH.


Muhammad Bin Qais Al-Bajli wrote a book, which he has reported, from Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib (A.S.). He was not living during the life of Imam (A.S.) but belonged to the period of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (A.S) and Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (A.S). An-Najashi says that he is the author of a well-known book on al-Qadaya (Judgments). Similarly, Ash-Shaikh has said in his Al-Fahrist that Muhammad Bin Qais composed a book on the Judgment of Imam Ali (A.S). He died in151 AH.


Nasr Bin Nasior Al-Bahrani is one of the oldest reporter of the traditions. He has reported from Jabir Bin Abdullah Al-Ansari through his father.


Al-Hafiz Al-Mudaddith Abu Abdur-Rahman Muhammad Bin Fudail Bin Ghhazwan Ad-Dabiy (Ally of the Dabi Famil) was the teacher of Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal. He died in 195 AH.


Yunus bin Abdur-Rahman was an ally of Yaqtim family and companion of imam Musa Al-Kazim A.S. Ibn-un-Nadim has said in his Al-Fahrist He was the scholar of his age. He wrote and compiled many books on Shi’ism. Ibn-un-Nadim has mentioned his books on jurisprudence and the Tradition. He died in 208 AH.


Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Abi Nasr Al-Bizintini has been mentioned by Ibn-un-Nadim as one of the Shiite Jurists and Traditionalists. He has also named his books. He died in 221 AH.


They are eighteen from among the companions and friends of various Imams who became famous in the field of Jurisprudence and the Traditions during the period extending from the late first century to the early third century.

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