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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 14 / 42





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Al-Hassan Bin Mahbub;


Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Abi Nasr.

Some people have given the name of Al-Hassan Ali Bin Faddal in place of Al-Hassan Bin Muhbub. Some other have given the name of Faddalah Bin Ayub in place of Al-Hassan Bin Muhbub. Another group replaces the name of Faddalah Bin Ayub by that Uthman Bin Isa. They all agree on the names of Younus Bin Abdur Rahman and Safwan Bin Yahya.

Having given this note on the Ashab-ul Ijma’, we continue discussion of other jurists who came later. They are;


Imam Ali Bin Musaa Ar-Rida

When he passed by Naishpur on his way to Khurasan, he was met by Abu Zarah Ar-Razi and Muhammad Bin Aslam At-Tusi, who were from among the greatest Muslim scholars of their ages. They were accompanied by a huge procession of scholars and the Traditionalists. They requested him to tell them some Traditions. He therefore dictated to them while riding a Tradition of ‘golden link’ 1. At that a count was made of the people who had pens and inkpots and were writing that Tradition. They were twenty thousand. According to another version, their number came up to twenty five thousand less one. The persons who were taking the dictation were Abi Zaraah and Muhammad Bin Aslam.

Ibn-ul-Athir has mentioned Imam Rida in Jam-ul-Usul as the Mujaddid (renovator) of Imamite creed in the early second century. He passed in 203 AH


Muhammad Bin Masud Al-Ayyashi

Ibn-un-Nadim has said that he was a Shiite Imamite jurist and distinguished himself in the field of knowledge during his age. He wrote more than two hundred treatises on various branches of knowledge including jurisprudence and the Traditions. He died during the third century.


Muhammad Bin Umar A-Waaqidi

According to Ibn-un-Nadim. He had Shiite tendencies and was well aware of the difference of opinion among the people in matters relating to the traditions, Jurisprudence and religious injunctions. He wrote a book Kitab-ul-Ikhtilaf dealing with the difference between the people of Kufa and Madinah on various issues of Jurisprudence. He died in 207 AH.


Safwan Bin Yahya Al-Bajli

An-Najashi says that he wrote thirty books as said by our friends. He mentions a book among his writing dealing with the order of writing of the books on jurisprudence. He died in 210 AH.


Abu Muhammad Abdullah Bin Al Mughirah Al-Bajli Al-Kufi

According to An-Najashi’s report, he wrote thirty books including one on Jurisprudence. He died during the third century.


Abu Muhammad Bin Ubaidullah Bin Musa Bin Abi Mukhtar Al-Kufi Al-Abasi

Ash-Shakih has mentioned his name among the personalities of the age of Imam Jafar Sadiq (A.S). Adh-Dhahabi says in Al-Mukhtasir: He is a Hafiz and one of the great figures as far as Shi’ism and innovations are concerned. He is dependable

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