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and trustworthy (*in reporting Traditions). Ibu Hajar says, He is a traditionalist of Kufa, a Hafiz of Quran, great worshipper but a Shiite. Ibn Qutaibah has mentioned him in Al-Maarif among the Traditionalists and the Reciters of Quran who was more inclined towards the Traditions. He was a Shiite and this is why he reported such traditions, which were weak and unacceptable. Hence, he became a ‘weak’ reporter of the Traditions in the opinion of a group of people. He begin a Shiite has been affirmed by Ibn-ul-Athir and As-Samani in Kitab-ul-Ansab and others.

He died in 213 AH.


Imam Muhammad Bin Ali Al-Jawwad

He asked the Qaid-ul-Qudat Yahaya Bin Aktham certain questions on Jurisprudence in the presence of Al-Mamun and made him completely cornered, in replying them.

He passed away in 220 AH.


Abu Ali Al-Hassan Bin Mahbub As-Sarrad.

Ash-Shaikh has said in Al-Fahrist that he wrote a book Kitab-ul-Mashaikhan in which he discussed punishments, blood-money, obligations, marriages and divorces. Ibn-un-Nadim has added one more topic, i.e. emancipation. He died in 224 AH.


Imam Ali Bin Muhammad Al-Hadi (A.S.) passed in 254 AH.


Imam Al-Hassan Al-Askari Bin Imam Ali Al-Hadi passed away in 260 AH.


Al-Fadi Bin Shadhain Naishapuri

Ash-Shaikh has mentioned him in his Alfahrist as a Jurist. An-Najashi says, He is dependable in reporting of the Traditions and occupies a prominent position among our companion jurists. Al-Kajj has said that he wrote 180 books. He died in 260 A.H.


Abul Hassan Ali Bin /Muhammad Bin Shirah Al-Qashani.

According to An-Najashi, he compiled a book Kitab-ul-Jame deaing with jurisprudence. He has also given the authorities supporting this statement. He died during the third century.


Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Khalid Al-Barqi


Ibrahim Him Muhammad Bin Said Ath-Thaqafi Al-Kufi Al-Asfahani.

Ash-Shaikh and An-Najashi both have mentioned among his works two books of Jurisprudence – Al Jame Al Kabir and Al-Jame As-Saghir. An-Najashi says that he reason why he left Kufa was that he had written a book in praise of the Ahl-Al-Bait (A.S) titled Kitab-ul-Marrifah. The Kufities respected him very much. They suggested to him that he should give up the idea of taking that book out. He asked them. What country is the most hostile towards the Shiites? He was told that it was Asfahan. He took an oath that he would not read it to anyone except in that city. His oath was the result of his confidence in the accuracy in what he had

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