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reported. He therefore left for Asfahan and reported his work in that city. He died in 283 AH.


Muhammad Bin Ibrahim Bin Hubbun Al-Hajjari Al Andulsi.

According to Tadhkiratul Huffaz, he was a Hafiz and Traditionalist from Andulus and was among the great personalities of his age, but he was a Shiite. He died in 205 AH.


Al-Hassan Bin Abi Aquil Al-Ammani.

He was the first to polish up the science of Jurisprudence divided it into various chapters as we find today, used his understanding and separated discussion from the Usul and Furu (secondary principles). He wrote a book on Jurisprudence titled Al-Mutamassik Bihabli Aalir Rasul. It has been praised, as well as its author, by leading Shiite scholars like Al-Mufid, Ash-Shaikh At-Tusi, Ibn Idris and others. He died in the beginning of the fourth century.


Muhammad Bin Yaqub Al-Kuleini.

He is the author of Al-Kafi Fil Hidith which he completed in twenty years. An-Najashi has said that he is the most dependable of all and consistent in reporting the Traditions. Ash-Shaikh has said in Al-Fahrist, Her is trustworthy and well informed. Ibn-ul-Athir has described him Jame-ul-Usul as the renovator of the Imamite creed in the early third century. He died in 328 AH.


Abdul Aziz bin Yahya Al-Jaludi.

According to Ibn-un-Nadim, he is the author of Katib-ul-Murshid Wal Mustarshid and Kitab-ul-Mutaah, both dealing with Jurisprudence. An-Najashi has mentioned an umber of books written by him and dealing with various topics of Jurisprudence and which he wrote on the basis of information-collected form Ali Bin Abi Talib (A.S.) and Ibn Abas. He died after 330 AH.


Ahmed Bin Muhammad Bin Sa’id Al-Hafiz

He is commonly known as Ibn ‘Uqdah Az-Zaidi, Ash-Shaikh At Tusi has said. I heard a group of people talking about him that he said, he had memorized 120,000 Traditions along with their sources and authorities and still recollected in his 30000. he died in 333 AH.


Muhammad Bin Al-Askafi.

An-Najashi says, He is the Shaikh of our friends and their senior. He has a very high position and is much talked about.

Ash-Shaikh has said in Al-Fahrist that he is high-ranking trustworthy and has many reports to his credit. He died in 336 AH.


Abou Ali Muhammad Bin Washshah.

He was a freed salve of Abu Tamam Az-Zainabi. Adh Dhahabi has mentioned him while giving an account of Ibn Abdul Birr in Tadhkiratul Huffaz. He died in 346 AH.

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