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Abu Bakr Muhammad Bin Umar

He is commonly known as Ibn-ul-Jaabi. He was a teacher of Al-Mufid. Adh-Dhahabi has said about him in Tadkiratul Huffaz that he has never met a person who memorized the Quran better than Ibn-ul-Ja’abi. He had committed to his memory 400,000 Traditions as well as remembered 600,000. He used to give the source and then the text of the tradition. He quoted authorities and sources in numerous Traditions but never made a mistake. He lost a bookcase containing 200,000 Traditions. He said to his slave, Do not worry about it. There is not a single Tradition among them, which is difficult for me to recollect both in text as well as in authorities. He was an Imam of Knowledge of the causes of Traditions, of dependable and weak reporters, their dates and life accounts. This knowledge finished with him in his age. Now there is none among the Muslims who can beat him in this respect.

Ibn-un-Nadim has said that he was one of the greatest Shiite scholars. An-Najashi says that he was a great memorizer of the Traditions and a very profound scholar. Ash-Shaikh has mentioned him in his Al-Fahrist as one of those who were the memorizers and critics of the Traditions. He died in 355 AH.


Muhammad Bin Junaid

According to the Rijal of Bahrul Ulum Tabataba’I, he and Ibn Abi Qauil were the leading features of the seventh groups and that Ibn Abi Aquil was a step senior to him.

He wrote a book on Jurisprudence, which is titled as Tahadhib-ush-Shiiah Li Ahkam-ish-Shariah. It spreads over twenty volumes, covering all the topics of Jurisprudence. It has been summarized under the title Al-Ahamadi Fil Fiq-il-Muhammadi.  He has been quoted by many scholars and greatest of the Shiite scholars have praised him and his book.

He died during the fourth century.


Al-Qadi Abu Hanifah An-Numan Bin Muhammad Al-Misri.

He was a Qadi under the Fatimides of Egypt. He wrote Kitab-ul-Akbar Fil Fiqh and Kitab-ul-Iqtisar Fil Fiqh. He has been mentioned by Al-Amir Mukhtar Al-Masbahi in his history, who has said about him. In jurisprudence in religion and in nobility, he was superb. Similarly, Ibn Zawlaq says that he was extremely accomplished and was scholar who kenw every part of Jurisprudence. Among his books is a volume of Traditions named Daaim-ul-Islam. He died in 363 AH.


Al-Hassan Bin Ali, Abu Muhammad Al-Hajjal.

According to An-Najashi, he compiled a voluminous book Al-Jawame Fi Abwab-ish-Shariah. He died during the fourth century.


As-Sudduq, Muhammad Bin Ali Bin Babuyah Al-Qummi

None among the scholars of Qumm compares with him so far as his memory and wide knowledge is concerned. He was a Traditionalist as well as a Jurist. He wrote about three hundred books and treaties with vari3ed subjects and novelty. He wrote a book Man La Yahdiruhul Faqih on the pattern of Man La Yahdiruhul Talib. Another book is Kitab-ul-Tawhid which gives the Traditions on the issue of

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