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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 20 / 42





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In the last mentioned book, he has given a survey of different issues of Jurisprudence, which are mentioned in various books written by Muslims. People have been making use of this book since its publication.

He died in 460 AH.

6.Sadid-ud-din Mahmud Ali Al-Humsi Ar-Razi Al-Hillil

He was teacher of Fakhr-ud-Din Ar-Razi who is a famous Exegesist and commentator of the Quran. He is one of the top-ranking Shiite Jurists and has his contribution on the issue of bequest. He died during the sixth century.

7.Muntajib-ud-Din Ali Bin Ubaidullah Bin Al-Hassan Bin Babuyah.

He is the writer of Al-Fahrist. He also wrote a book on the virtues and excellence of Amir-ul-Muminin (A.S), which is known as Al-Arba’in Anil Arba’in. He died after 585 AH.

8.Muhammad Bin Yusuf Al-Azdi Al-Andulasi Al-Gharanti.

Adh-Dhahabi has testified his being a Shiite in Tadhkiratul-Huffaz and has said that he wrote a Dictionary, obviously in Al-Hadith, in three volumes, had contributed a lot to knowledge and was quite well versed in Jurisprudence. He died in 663 AH.

9.Al-Hassan Bin Ali Bin Dawud Al-Hilli.

He is the author of book on Rijal and has many other to credit relating Jurisprudence, both in prose and verse. He died during seventh century.

10.Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad Bin Muhammad Bin Al-Hassan At-Tusi

He wrote Faraid An Nasiriyyah and Sharah Usul-il-Kafi. He died in 673.

11.Abul Qasim Jafar Bin Al-Hasan Bin Yahya Bin Said Al Hilli.

He is commonly known as Al-Muhaqqiq. He was a Shiite jurist of proverbial from thorough knowledge. The mjjtahid get help from his books and his knowledge of Jurisprudence even our own days. He has written the following books on jurisprudence:






Al-Mukhtasar An-Nafea

He also wrote a commentary with explanation on An-Nihayah (of Ash-Shaikh At-Tusi). From among his own books, Ash-Sharaa and Al-Mukhtasar have so often been commented upon and explained that we cannot count them here.

He died in 676 AH.

12.Yahya Bin Ahmad Bin Said Al-Hilli

He was a cousin of Al-Muhaqqiq and wrote Jami’ush Shara’a. He died in 690 AH.

13.Al-Hassan Bin Yusuf Bin Ali Bin Al-Mutahhar Al-Hilli

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