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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 21 / 42





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He is usually known by the title of Al-Allamah. He has various books on jurisprudence some of which are:


Tadhkiratul Jamiah containing the opinions of the Sunnite Jurists.


Al-Mukhtaliful Jamia containing the opinions of Shiite Jurists.


Al-Muntahi-ul-Jamia which contains the opinions both the groups;


Nihayatul Ahkam Fin Marifatil Ahkam Wat Tahrir Wal Qawid, which has been so often explained and commented upon by many top-ranking Shiite scholars.


Al-Irshad which has many commentaries;


Al-Iidah wat Tabsirah which is an abridgement of Al-Irshad.

He has many other books in explanation of the traditions. He died in 726 AH.

14.Muhammad Bin Al-Hassan

He was the son Al-Allamah and is commonly known as Fakhr-ul-Muhaqqiqin. Among his books on Jurisprudence are Iidah-ul-Fawaid Fi Halli Muskilat-il-Qawaid and Al-Fakhriyyah Fin Niyyah etc. He died during the eight century.

15.Muhammad Bin Makki Al-Aamili Al-Jizzini Al-Muttalibi.

He is commonly known as Ash-Shahid or Ash-Shahid-ul-Awwal.

He is the pride of Jabal Aamil. He combined in him the knowledge of Maqul and Manqul (Philosophical and rational as well as Reported). He is proverbially known for his insight and knowledge of Jurisprudence. He was the person about whom his teachers Fakh-ul-Muhaqqiqin said, I benefited from him more than he did from me. He received certificates of studies from than forty Sunnite scholars. He is a famous author whose books are well known, variegated and of excellent standard.

Among his books on Jurisprudence are













He also collected forty authe4ntic Traditions of the Prophet (SAWW) and explained their difficult points. He was beheaded in Damascus in dire cruelty on being a Shiite in 786 AH.

16.Al-Miqdad Bin Abdullah As-Sayyuri Al-Hilli

He is the author of a well-known book At-Tanqih Fil Fiqh. He died in 792 AH.

17.Shams-ud-Din Muhammad Bin Shuja Al-Qattan Al-Ansari Al-Hilli.

He was a pupil of Al-Miqdad As-Sayyuri and the author of Ma’alim-ud-Din Fi Fiqhi Aali Yasin. We have got a manuscript copy of this written by the author himself. He died during the ninth century.

18.Ahmad Bin Fahd Al-Hilli was a pupil of pupils of Ash-Shahid.

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