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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 22 / 42





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He is the author of well-known book on Jurisprudence, titled Al-Muhadhdhib ul-Bare’u. He wrote other besides this. His death occurred in 871 AH.

19.Ash-Shaikh Ali Bin Abdul Aali Al-Kirki

He is also known as Al-Muhaqqiq-uth-Thani which title he shares with the author Ash-Shara’I and there has been none else to have won this honour. He is the author of Jame-ul-Maqsid, which deals with Jurisprudence. He also wrote a treatise, titled Ar-Rasalah Al-Jafariyyah on which innumerable commentaries have been written. It has been praised and commended by the Shiite scholars as a piece of thorough research. He was the master of his age in Iran during the Safawide Rule there. He died in 937 AH.

20.Ash-Shaikh Ali Bin Abdul Aali Al-Aamili Al-Maisi

He is known as Al-Muhaqqiq-ul-Maisi. His treatise of Jurisprudence, titled Ar-Rasalah Al-Maisiyyah, which is very well known work of his. He was the teacher ofAsh-Shahid Ath-Thani. He died in 933 AH and was buried in Siddiq Near Tebnin (Lebnon).

21.Ash-Shaikh Ibrahim Al-Qatii was the author of Al-Munaqidat.

He died in the eighth century.

22.Ash-Shaikh Zain-ud-Din Bin Ali Al-Aamili Al-Jubai.

He is called Ash-Shahid-uth-Thani. He was the author of a large number of useful books, which are still in vogue. Most prominent of such books is Al-Masalik which received grate fame and which was much used by people. He was the first one to write on the Manners and Methods of Education and Learning. He was also the first among the Shiites to write about Dirayat-ul-Hadith (judging the validity of a Tradition of Prophet by means of rational thinking) a separate independent and comprehensive book on this branch of knowledge, although some people had taken a lead over him in originating such kind of writing. Among such books the first one to come out was Ash-Shuruh-ul-Mazjiyyah. It was not well known among the people. S he wrote Shuruh-ul-Lumat-id-Dimishqiyyah, Alfiyyah Fil Fiqh, An-Nafliyyah and Ad-Dirayah. Alls these books were written in order to give a distinction to the Shiite in comparison with the other sects. He also treatises like Asar-us-Salat, Khasa’is-ul-Jumah, Kashf-ur-Raibah Fi Ahkam-il-Ghaibah? Musakkin-ul-Fuad Fi Faqd-il-Ahibbat-I-Wal Awlad, Al-Habwah, Mirath-uz-Zawjah etc. All these books were the foremost in their fields. He was martyred on his way to Islambul (Istanbul) for being a Shiite and his head was taken to that city. This happened in 966 AH.

23.Ash-Shaikh Hussain Bin Abdus Samad Al-Aamili Al-Harithi Al-Hamdani

He was the father of Ash-Shaikh Al-Baha’I and one of the prominent Shiite Traditionalist and jurists. He wrote a commentary and explanation to forty select3ed Traditions of the Prophet (SAWW). HE died in 984 Ah.

24.Ash-Shaikh Hasan Bin Zain-u-Din Ash Shahid-uth-Thani

He is the author of Al- Maalim Fil Fiuqh and Muntaqal Jaman Fi Ahadith-is-Sihah-I-wal Husan. He died in 1011 Ah.

25.Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Bin Ash-Shaikh Hasan (the Author of Ma’alim)

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