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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 23 / 42





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He wrote commentaries on Al-Istibsar and At-Tahdhib as well as on his father’s book Al-Ithan ‘ Ashariyyah. He also wrote commentaries on Usul-ul-Kafi, Al-Faqih, Al-Mukhtalaf, Al-Mdarik, etc.

He died in 1030 AH.

26.Ash-Shaikh Baha-ud-Din Muhammad Bin Al-Husain Al –Aamili.

He was a Jurist and a Traditionalist as well as versatile scholar. He was appointed as Shaikh-ul-Islam during the reign of the Safawide Emperor Shah Abbas. But he gave up that post and traveled around for thirty years in the garb of dervishes. He wrote an explanation andcommetary on forty selected Traditions of the Prophet as well as Al-Habi-ul-Matin and Al-Jamiul Abbasi, which deal with the fields of the Traditions and Jurisprudence. He died in 1031 AH.

27.Ash-Shaikh Hasan Bin Ali Bin Hassan Bin Ahmad Al-Aamili Al-Hanini.

He has been mentioned in Amal-ul-Aamil as a Jurist and Traditionalist who was reliable, honest and of great value. He died in 1050 AH.

28. As-Sayyid Muhammad Baqiar Ad-Damad Al-Asfahani.

He is a contemporary of Al-Baha’i and a Jurist who was profound in both the rational and reported branches of Knowledge. (Aqliyyah wan Naqliyyah). He died in 1041 AH.

29.Sadr-ud-Din Ash-Shirazi.

He is usually called as Mulla Sadra. He wrote a commentary on Usul-ul-Kafi. He died around 1060 AH.

30.Al-Mawala Muhammad Taqi Al-Asfahani.

He is known as Al-Majlisi Al-Awwal. He was the first person to undertake the work of propagation of the Traditions of the Prophet (SAWW) and connected studies during the Safawide period. He wrote two commentaries on Al-Fiqah. He died in 1070 AH.

31.Mulla Muhsin Al-Kashani.

He is the author Al-Wafi on the Traditions and Al-Mafatih on Jurisprudence. He has many other prominent books.

He died in 1091 AH

32.Muhammad Bin Al-Hassan Bin Al-Hurr Al-Aamili.

He is the author of Al-Wasail dealing with the Traditions, which is vary much relied upon by the Shiite Jurists. He died in 1104 AH.

33.As-Sayyid Hashim Bin Sulaiman Al-Bahrani.

He was very profound Traditionalist and the author of many books. He died in 1107 AH.

34.Al-Allamah Al-Majlisi Muhammad Baqir Bin Muhammad Taqi Al-Asfahani.

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