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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 24 / 42





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He is the author of famous book Bihar-ul-Anwar which is in twenty five big volumes which are equal to tens of books. He also wrote a commentary on Al-Kafi, titled Mirat-ul-Uqul, as well as commentaries on At-Tahdhib and other books of Traditions. He died in 110 AH.

35.Mawla Abdullah Bin Nur-ullah Al-Bahrani.

He was a contemporary of Al-Majlisi and author of Al-Awalim, which deals with the traditions and spreads over 100 volumes. He died in the early eleventh century.

36.As-Sayyid Ne’matuillah Bin Abdullah al-Jazairi.

He was pupil of Al-Majlisi and wrote Al-Anwar-un-Numaniyyah, which deals with the tradition in addition to other books. He died in 1112 AH.

37.As-Sayyid Nur-ud-din Bin Ne’matullah Al-Jazairi.

He was the son of As-Sayyid Be’metullah mentioned above and a Jurist-Traditionalist. He died in 1158 AH.

38.As-Shaikh Yusuf Bin Ahmad Bin Ibrahim Ad-Darazi Al-Hairi.

He wrote a book on jurisprudence title Al-Hadaiq which is a unique book of its kind. He also wrote Ad-Durah An-Najafiyyah and other book. He died in 1187 AH.

39.As-Sayyid Abul Hasan Musa Bin Haider Al-Husani Al-Aamili.

He was the great-grand father of the father of the author of this book. He was a Jurist-Traditionalist and his school and about 400 students. He died in 1194 AH.

40.Aqa Muhammad Baqir Bin Muhammad Akmal Al-Bahbahani

He was the teacher of many scholars of repute and was one of the prominent figures among the scholars of the Traditions and Jurisprudence, as well as other studies. He died in 1208 AH.

41.As-Sayyid Muhammad Mahdi At-Tabataba’i.

He was a pupil of Aqa Muahmmad Baqir and known as Bahr-u-Ulum and Murabbiy-ul-Fuqaha. He is the author of a book on Jurisprudence known as Al-Masabin. He also composed a unique poem on the subject. The author of Miftah-ul-Karamah wrote a commentary on Al-Wafai with the help of the notes given at At-Tabatabai during his discussion on Al-Wafai. He died in 1212 AH.

42.Ash-Shaikh Asadullah Bin Ismail At-Tustari Al-Kazami.

He was one of the most figures of his age in the fields of Jurisprudence and Usul. Two of books on Jurisprudence namely; Al-Maqabis and Al-Wasail have been printed. He had the eyes of a genius and was greatly followed by successor. He died in 1220 AH.

43.As-Sayyid Muhammad Al-Jawwad Bin Muhammad Al-Husaini Al-Aamili.

He was a pupil of Bahr-ul-Ulum and himself the teacher of the author Al-Jawahir. He wrote Muftah-ul-Karamah Fi Sharh-I-Qawaid-il-Allamah which is a unique work in

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