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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 25 / 42





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the field of Jurisprudence so far as the collection of different opinions and finding thir agreements are concerned. He wrote also Sharh-ul-Wafi and Hawashiy-ur-Rawadah. He died in 1226 AH.

44.Ash-Shaikh Jafar Ibn Ash-Shaikh Khidr Al-Janaji An-Najafi

HE was student of Bahr-ul-Ulum and a wonder of his age in respect to his deep insight in Jurisprudence. He is the author of Kashf-ulGhital’Ann Mahasin-sh-=Shariat-il Gharra, and Sharha-ul-Qawaid. He died in 1228 AH.

45.As-Sayyid Husain Ibn As-Sayyid Abul Hassan Musa Al-Hussani Al-Aamili.

He was the brother of the great grand father of the author of the present book. He was one of the most prominent scholars and Jurists of his age. He died in 1230 AH.

46.As-Sayyid Muhsin Al-Ariji

He was called Khatib-ul-Ulama and was also known as Al-Muhaqqiq-ul-Kazimi. He wrote, beside other books, Al-Wasail Fil Fiqh. He died in 1231 AH.

47.As-Shaikh Muhammad Ali Al-Asam An-Najafi

He was one of the jurists of his age and a pupil of Bahr-ul-Ulum. He died in 1234 AH.

48.Ash-Shaikh Musa Bin Ash-Shaikh Jafar An-Najafi Al Janaji

He was the Jurist of his age. He died in 1241 AH.

49.Ash-Shaikh Hussain Bin Muhammad Bin Najaf Ali At-Tabrizi An-Najafi

He was one of the prominent Jurists of his age and among its most pious people. He died in 1247 AH.

50.Ash-Shaikh Hassan Al Qubaisi was one of Jurists of his age. He died in 1258 AH.

51.Ash-Shaikh Ali Bin Ibrahim Al-Aamili Al-Kawtarani

He was one of the prominent scholars of Jabal Aamil during his age. He wrote the commentary of the poem of Bahr-ul-Ulum. He died in 1260 AH.

52.Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Hassan Bin Baqir An-Najafi.

He is the author of a famous book of Jurisprudence, namely Jawahir-ul-kalam which is considered to be one of the miracles of its age and is relied upon by scholar even in our own times. He died in 1266 AH.

53.Al-Hafiz Ash-Shaikh Muhsin Bin Khanfar An-NAjafi

He was one of the prominent scholars of his age. His student As-Sayyid Muhammad Al-Hind has said in his Nazm-ul-Laal that he (Al-Hafiz) used to be very punctilious about the text of the traditions and used to pick up minor changes in the text found in Al-Wasail. He died in 1270 AH.

54.Ash-Shaikh Murtada Bin Muhammad Amin Al-Ansari

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