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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 26 / 42





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He was a prominent Jurist of his age and the author of a number of well-known books on Jurisprudence like Al-Makasib. He died in 1281 AH.

55.Ash-Shaikh Raid Ibn Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Ab-Najafi was prominent Jurist in his age. He died in 1290 AB.

56.As-Sayyid Hussain Al-Kohkumri An-Najafi is also known as As-Sayyind Hussain At-Turk. He was prominent figure of his age in the field of Jurisprudence. He died in 1299 AH.

57.Ash-Shaikh Nuh Bin Qasim An-Najafi was one of the Jurists of his time. He diedin 1300 AH.

58.As-Sayyid Mahdi Al-Qazwini Al-Hilli was one of the top-ranking Jurist of his age. He died in 1300 AH.

59.Ash-Shaikh Abdullah ‘bin Ali Aal Nemah Al-Aamili Al Jubai

He was the first jurist of Jabal Aamil in his age. He died in 1303 AH.

60.Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Bin Ali Aal Izzud Din Al-Aamili.

He was one of the prominent Jurists, teachers and pious people of his age. He died in 1303 AH.

61.Ash-Shaikh Musa Bin Amin Aal Shararah Al-Aamili.

He was Jurist as well as a Teacher. He wrote a poem on the subject of inheritance. He died in 1304 AH.

62.Mulla Muhammad Al-Irawani An Najafi

He was one of the prominent Jurist and teachers of his time. He died in 1306 AH.\

63.Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Hussain Al-Kazimi An-Najafi  

He is the author of Hidayatul Anam Fi Sharh-Shara’i’il Islam. He was a well known Jurists, teacher and pious person of his age. He died in 1308 AH.

64.Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Hassan Bin YI‘asin Al-Kazimi was one of the prominent jurists of his age. He died in 1308 AH.

65.Ash-Shaikh Zainul Abidin Al-Mazandarani Al-Hairi was one of the leading Jurists of his age and one of the prominent people of his tie. He died in 1309 AH.

66.As-Sayyid Mirza Muhammad Hassan Ash-Shirazi

HE got domiciled in Samara. He was considered to be the Imamates during his age. He trained most of the Jurists of his time. He was the person who gave Fatwa (religious verdict) declaring the use of tobacco as prohibited act, when Shah Nasir-ud-Din gave a monopoly of tobacco to the British. This Fatwa forced the British to cancel that monopoly. He died in 1312 AH.

67.Ash-Shaikh Mirza Habibullah Ar-Rishti An Najafi

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