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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 29 / 42





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It is a voluminous book, containing many volume on the Traditions. It was completed by Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Ar-Rida Bhin Al-0Faqih Ash-Shaikh Abdullah At-Tabrizi who died in 1158 Ah.

6.Jami’ul Ahkam

It was compiled by As-Sayyid Abdullah Ash-Shabari in 25 big volumes, probably the biggest ever. The author died in 1242 Ah.


It was compiled by Mirza Hussain An-Nuri. He collected all those traditions which the author of Al-Wasail had missed out and arranged them into chapters.

But he has included Al-Fiqh-ur-Ridawi in this book, which is not finally proved to be the work of Imam Ali Rida (A.S.). There are many such instances in this book. It is not really supplementation of Al-Wasail to add such things, which were not reliable and certain in the opinion of the author of al-Wasail. He has given biographical data in the latter part of the book, which is not found anywhere else. Most of this data is obviously based upon Jamiur Rawat by Al-Hajj Muhammad Al-Ardbili who was a contemporary of Al-Majlasi. Mirza Hussain Nuri, the author of the book, died in 1320 AH.

8.Al-Bahr-uz-Zakhkhar Fi Sharh-i-Adadith-il-A’Immatil-Athar

It was started by Sayyid Muhsin Al-Amin (the author of the present work) and three volumes could be completed that he died.

Shi’ite Books On Forty Traditions

Both the Sunnite as well as the Shiite scholars have reported on the basis of authentic report originating with the Prophet that he said, Anyone who reports forty Traditions of mine to my followers will be brought to life again on the Day of Judgment as a scholar and a Jurist. It is for this reason that many Muslim Scholars compiled books of Forty Traditions. They collected in every such book forty Traditions of the Prophet according to trheir own basis of selection and appended explanation and commentaries to them, in the hope hat they might be among those person who are mentioned in the Tradition quoted above. The Shiite scholars too followed suit and did not lag behind. They composed a large number books in the explanation of Forty Traditions, compiled by As’ad Bin Ibrahim Bin Hassan Al-Irbali.

Other Such books are:


Forty Traditions by Ash-Shahid Muhammad Bin Makki Al’Aamili Al-Jizzini who was martyred in 786 Ah:


Forty Traditions by the Student of Ash-Shahid whose name was Al-Miqdad Bin Abdullah As-Sayyuri Al-Hilli Al-Asadi;


A Commentary on Forty Traditions by Ash-Shaikh Hussain Bin AbdusSamad (Father of Al-Baha’i) who died in 984 AH;


A Commentary on Forty Traditions by Ash-Shaikh Al-Baha’i Mhammad bIn Hussain Al-Aamili who died in 1031 AH’


A Commentary on Forty Traditions by Muhammad Baqir Bin Muhammad Taqi Al-Majalisi Al-Asfahani who died in1070 AH.

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