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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 32 / 42





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9.Abu Jafar Muhammad Bin Isa Bin Ubaid Bin Yaqtin Al Ubaidi Al-Yaqtini.

According to An-Najashi, he was the author of a book on Rijal. He died during the third century.

10.Al-Hassan Bin Ali Bin Faddal.

Both An-Najashi and Ash-Shaikh have mentioned him as being the author of a book on Rijal. He died in 224 AH.

11.Ali Bin Hassan Bin Ali Bin Faddal.

According to At-Taliqah many scholars depend upon in connection with biographical data. From this statement, it appeared that he probably wrote a book on Rijal. He died during the third century.

12.Da’bal Bin Ali Al-Khuza’i

He is the author of Kitab-ush-Shura, which has been mentioned by Ibn-un-Nadim. He died in 246 AH.

13.Al-Fadl Bin Shadhan.

He is often cited by the biographer which indicate that he did write a book or books of biography. He died in 260 AH.

14.Muhammad Bin Mas’ud Al-Ayyashi

An-Najashi says that he was very well informed and had an insight in reporting with which he did justice. He wrote a number of books, which exceeds two hundred. He died during the fourth century.

15.Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Khalid Al-Barqi Al-Qummi.

Ibn-Un-Nadim says that he wrote a book on Rijal in which he mentioned whatever was reported about Amir-ul-Muminin (A.S). An other version is that he included in this book whatever was reported about Amir-ul-Muminin (A.S) and afterwards. This book is available and known as Rijal-ul-Barqui. He died during the third century.

16.Abu-Jafar Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Khalid Al Barqui

He was the son of Al-Barqui mentioned above. Muhammad Bin Jafar Bin Battah has mentioned in his Al-Fahrist a book on Rijal among the writings of Abu Jafar. The name of this book is tabaqat-ur-Rijal which has been cited by An-Najashi and Ash-Shaikh in Al-0Fahrist, alongwith the authorities. He died in 274 AH.

17.Muhammad Bin Jafar Bin Battah Al-Qummi.

He compiled a catalogue of the names of scholars whom he saw or met. He died in 274 AH.

18.Ali Bin Al-Hakam

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