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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 33 / 42





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He is from among the oldest friends. It appears that eh wrote a book on Rijal which is often quoted and cited by Ibn Hajar in his book Lisan-ul-Mizan in connection with the life accounts of the Shiite personalities.

19.Abu-Bakr As-Suli, Muhammad Bin Yahya Bin Abbas

Ibn-un-Nadim has said in his Al-Fahrist. He is one of the wittiest writers. He has to credit the following books: (i) Kitab-ul-Wunzara (ii) Akbar-u-Abi Tamam, (iii) Akhbar-ul-Jubai (iv) Akhbar-u-Abi Amr Bin Al-Ula (v) Akhbare-ul-Khulafa Wash-Shuara

It appears that it is the last mentioned book which has become referred to in Kashf-ur-Zunun under the title Akhbar-ush-Shuara and which has recently been publishedin Egypt as Kitab-ul-Awraq, because Ibn-un-Nadim also says that he reported something about Ali and was therefore summoned (by the Government) to be killed. He died in 330 AH.

20.Abdul Aziz Bin Ishaq Az-Zaidi

He is the author fo Tabaqat-ush-Shiah. He died during the fourth century.

21.Abu Ahmad Abdul Aziz Bin Yahya Al-Jaludi Al-Basri.

An-Najashi has mentioned a book written by him under the title Tabaqat-ul-Arab. He died in 330 AH.

22.Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Sa’id Al-Hafiz

He is known as Ibn-Uqdah Az-Zaidi. Ash Shaikh has said in Al-Fahrist that he wrote a book about those persons who reported the Traditions whether they were Shiite or Sunnites. Similarly he wrote a another book about those person who reported about Imam Hassan (A.S.), Imam Hussain (A.S.), Imam Ali Bin Al-Hussain (A.S0, Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (A.S), Zaid Bin Ali Bin Al-Hussain and Imam Jafar As Sadiq (A.S). he died in 333 AH.

23.Ibad BIn Yaqub Ar-Rawajini

He is the author of Marifat-us-Shabah and Akhbar-ul-Mahdi. His being a Shiite has been testified by Ibn Hajar in At-Taqrib, Adh-Dhahabi in Al-Mukhtasar, As-Samani in Al-Ansab and other authorities. He died in 250 or 271 AH 1.

24.Abu Ali Ahmad Bin Muhammad Ammar Al-Kufi

According to An-Najashi, he is the author of Kitab-ul-Mamduhin wal Madhmumin which is a voluminous book. He died in 346 AH.

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