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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 34 / 42





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25.Abu Bakr Bin Al-juabi Muhammad Bin Umar2 Bin Muhammad Bin Salam or Salim

Ibn-un-Nadim says that he wrote a book about those persons who expressed religious devotion to Ali bin Abi Talib (A.S.) from among the scholars and person fo eminence. Ibn-un-Nadim has also a brief account of the writer. An-Najashi says that he wrote a book titled Kitab-ush-Shiah Min Ashab-il-Hadith, which is a voluminous book. Similarly he wrote another book, al-Wuwali Wal Ashraf. In another he gave the account of those people who reported from Bani Hashim and their allies. Other books written by him are Akhbar-u-Aal-i-Ami Talib, Akhbar-u-Baghdad (in which he gave the account of the Traditionalists there too). Ibn-un-Nadim has mentioned other books in the field written by Abu Bakr Bin Al-uabi alongwith their authorities. Ash Shaikh ahs said in Al-Fahrist. He had prepared a catalogue of those people who reported the Traditions and other information connected with knowledge along with their work, creed etc. Ash Shaikh has also given the sources. He died in 355 AH.

26. Abul Faraj Al-Ashahani, Ali Bin Al-Hussain Al-Ummawi Al-Marwani.

He is the author of Al-Aaghani which is unique book of its kind. Another book written by him is titled maqatil-ut-Talibm which too has no parallel. Both these books combine history and biography. He died in 355 AH.

27.Abul Hassan Muhammad Bin Ahmad Bin Dawud Bin Ali Al-Qummi.

Both An-Najashi and Ash-Shaikh have mentioned among his works a book titled Kitab-ul-mamdhm Wal Madhmumin. He died in 368 AH.

28.Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Imran Al-Marzhani.

Ibn-un-Nadim has said about him. He was very well informed and often quoted. Some has said about that he was the source of Information for Literature, possessor of information, strange incidents and the author of a large number of books. According to Al-Fahrist of Ibn-un-Nadim, he wrote a book comprising ten thousand sheets in which he had given the accounts of poets and selections from their poetry. First of these poets was Basashar and the last one Ibn-ul-Mutiz. He has another useful book comprising five thousand rages. The first chapter of this book contains the accounts of those pets during the pre-Islamic as well as Islamic periods who composed very little poetry. In the second chapter he gives an account of the description of poets and their bodily defects from head to feet. In the third chapter he gives the creed of different poets as being Shiite, scholastic, kharjie, Jew or Christian. In the last chapter, he gives an account of those who either gave up composing poetry or used their poetry for one subject only, like As-Sayyid Al-Himyari or Al-Abbas Bin Al-Ahnaf. He also compiled a dictionary in which he gave the accounts of poets in alphabetical order. There are about five thousand names in this dictionary along with the specimens of verses. The total number of pages is about five thousand all the prominent poets from Imr-ul-Qais ot the earlier Abbaside regime.

I have to add that this book, Mujam-ush-Shuara is a book, which every one quotes. The orientalists got hold of the second volume of this book near Aleppo and published it from Egypt. They have kept searching for the remaining volumes for they have announced have reward or price in the newspapers. We have a part of this book, which give a summary of the life accounts of the Shiite poets. It certain’s the account of 28 poets.

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