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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 35 / 42





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One of the distinguishing feature of this Mu’jam is that it gives such a detailed account of the person included that even the most prominent ones from among them have not been treated in this detailed manner in other books.

He died in 378 AH.

29.Muhammad Bin Ali Bin Bahuwaih Al-Qummi, known as As-Sudduq

An-Najashi has said that he wrote Al-Masabih in which 15 chapters are connected with the discussion of those who reported the Traditions from the Prophet (SAWW), fro Sayyidah Fatimatuz Zahra (S.A) or from other Imams (A.S); those who met the traditionalists and those who have been mentioned by Al-Barqui.  There is a mention of Al-Masabih in Al-Fahrist. He could not finish his work on Rijal on account of death which occurred in 381 AH.

30.Ibn-un-Nadim, Muhammad Bin Ishaq.

He is the author of Al-Fahrist which is unique of its kind. His being a Shiite has been testified by Yaqut in Mujam-ul-Udaba. He died in 385 AH.

31.As-Sahib, Ismail Bin Ibad

he is the author of the following books: (i) Kitab-ul-Wuzara (ii) Kitab-uz-Zaidiyyah (iii) Unwan-ul-Maarif wa Dikr-il-Khalaif Fi Tarikh-in-Nabi Wa Man Khutaba |Bil Khilafah (iv) Akhbar-u-Abil Aina. He died in 385 AH.

32.Isa Bin Mehran known as Al-Mustatif.

Ash-Shaikh At-Tusi has written Al-Fahrist, Ibn-un-Nadim has mentioned him as a being the author Kitab-ul-Muhaddithin.

He died during fourth century.

33.Ahmad Bin Ali Al-Alawi Al-Atiqui

He worte Kitab-ur-Rijal. He died during the fourth century. His son Ali Bin Ahmad also wrote a well known book on Rijal.

34.Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Abdullah Bin Al-Hassan Bin Ayash.

He is the author of Kitab-ul-Istimal Al Marifat-ir-Rijal. He died in 401 AH.

35.Muhammad Bin Ali Bin Yaqub Bin Ishaq Al-Katib-ul-Qanin.

He was the teacher of An-Najashi who said that he was the author of Kitab-ur-Rijal-I-Abil Mufaddal. He died during the fifth century.

36.Ash-Shaikh Al-Mufid, Muhammad Bin Muhammad Bin An-Numan.

He is the author of Al-Irahad which deals with the lives of the Twelve Imam. All those who were junior to him made use of this book while writing on this subject. He died in 413 AH.

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