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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 36 / 42





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37.Ahmad Bin Al-Hussain Bin Ubaidullah Al-Ghadairi.

He wrote two books in this field. One of them is bout those who were praised and the other about those who were hurt. According to Ash-Shaikh At-Tusi, one of them is about the books of the other about principles (Usul), he died during the mid-fifth century.

38.Ahmad Bin Ali An-Najashi.

He is the author of the well-known book on Rijal in whcch he discussed the Imamite writers. He died in 450 AH.

39.Ash-Shaikh At-Tusi, Muhammad Bin Al-Hassan.

Besides other books, he wrote a book on Rijal in which he wrote about those who reported the Traditions from the Prophet (SAWW) and each of the Twelve Imams (AS). He also compiled a catalogue (Fahrist) of the Imamite writers. He died in 460 AH.

40.Abul Abbas As-Sairafi, Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bion Nuh.

According Al-Fahrist of Ash-Shaikh, he wrote a book in this field about those persons who had carried the Traditions through Abi Abdullah (A.S) (Imam Jafar Sadiq A.S.) and added much to what Ibn Uqdah had written. An Najashi has said that As-Sairafi had great insight in matters relating to the traditions, and their reporters. According to An-Najashi he wrote Kitab-ul-Masabih in which he gave an account of those who reported the traditions from the Imams. He also compiled Kitab-uz-Ziyadat which is about the reporters who carried the Tradition from imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) and which he reported on the basis of information collected by Abi Abbas Bin Said. It may be added that Abi Abbas Bin Uqdah reported about four thousand reliable persons who reported the traditions from Imam Jafar Sadiq (A.S). He died during fifth century.

41.Rashid-ud-Din Muhammad Bin Ali Bin Shahr Aashub Al-Mazandarania

He is the author of Maalim-ul-Ulama, which gives an account of various scholars and their lives. He died in 588 AH.

42.Muntajib-ud-Din Ali Bin Ubaidullah Bin Babuyah.

He compiled a catalogue of the contemporaries of Ash-Shaikh At-Tusi till the time of his death. He died after 588 AH.

43.Al-Hafiz Abu Abbdullah Muhammad Bin Abdullah Al-Qadai

He is usually known as Ibn-ul-Aabar Al-Andulusi. He wrote a complement to kitab-u-Silah of Ibn Bashkawa. He also compiled a Mujam on the companions of Al-Qaid Abu Ali As-Sadafi. Besides, he wrote Al-Hillat-us-Saira and A’tabul Kitab, the statement found in Nafh-ut-Tib on him indicates that he was a Shiite. He died in 658 AH.

44.Al-Hassan Bin Ali Bin Dawud Al-Hilli

He is the author of a very famous book of Rijal. He was the first person to arrange the names along with the names of fathers and grandfathers. He included in his book all the information available in other books of Rijal, although he committed mistakes in tracing one’s genealogical tables, but not in his objections to Al-Alamah as though

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