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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 37 / 42





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in Al-Amal. He died during seventh century.

45.Ahmad Bin Musa Bin Jafar Bin Tawus Al-Alawi Al-Hassani.

He is the author of Hall-ul-Ishkali Fi Marifat-ir-Rijal. He diedin 673 AH.

46.Ali Bin Anjab, known as, Ibn-us-Sai Al-Baghdadi

He wrote a history of the poets of his age. Besides, he is the author of Akhbar-ul-Musannifin, Akhbar-ul-Khulafa, Akhbar-u-Qudat-i-Baghdad etc. etc. He died in 674 AH.

47.As-Sayyid Abdul Karim Bin Ahmad Bin Tawus Al-Hassani.

He is the author Ash-Shamal-ul-Manzum Fi Musannifil Ulum which is unique work of its kind. He died in 603 AH.

48.Kamal-ud-Din Abdur Razzaq Bin Ahmad Ash-Shaibani.

He is also known as Ibn-ul-Futi. He prepared Mujam-ul-Aadab Fi Majam-il-Asam Ala Mujam-il-Alqab. It is a remarkable book written in a wonderful manner. It spreads over fifty volumes. Out of these one big volume, written in the hand of the author himself is available in Al-Makatabat-uz-Zahirryah in Damascus. He also wrote Ad-Dawn-un-Nasiah Fi Shuara-i-Miat-is-Sabiah which is also in many volumes. Adh-Dhahabi has mentioned it in Tadhkiratul Huffaz. He was a Shiite as we have clarified while discussing his life. The editor of his book Al-Hawadith-ul-Jamiah made an incorrect conclusion at the time of its publication that the author was either a Shafiite or Hanabilite. He died in 723 AH.

49.Al-Allamah Al-Hilli, Al-Hassan Bin Yusuf al-Mutahhar.

He is the author of three books in this field, namely Khullasat-ul-Aqwal, Kashfu-ul-Miqal Fi Ahwal-ir-Rijal and Iidah-ud-Istibah Fi Dabt-I-Asma-ir-Rijal. He died in 726 AH.

50.Ash-Shahid-uth-Thani, Ash-Shaikh, Zain-ud-=Din bin Ali Al-Aamili

He wrote a commentary on Al-Khullasah which gives much useful information. He was martyhred in 966 AH.

51.Ash-Shaikh Hassan Bin Ash-Shahid-ith-Thani.

He is the author of Al-Maalim. He prepard an abridged edition of Hall-ul-Ishkal written by Sayyid Ahmad Bin Tawus. There is much useful information about personalities and their lives in his book Muntaqal Juman. He died in 1011 AH.

52.As-Sayyid Mirza Muhammad Bin Ali Bin Ibrahim Al-Astrabadi.

He is a well-known biographer and the author Manhij-ul-Miqal fi Ahwal-ir-Rijal which is usually known as Rijal-ul-Mirza al-Kabiur which is the most comprehensive and detailed book in this subject. There is available its condensed edition which is known as Al-Wasit. There is still another shorter edition which is known as As-Saghir. Accoding to Amal-ul-Aamil, there is no book on Rijal which is more comprehensive than the one we are discussing. The author of Naqd-ur-Rijal says that Mirjz made a thorough research in this matter and does not need any further addition. Is book

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