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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 38 / 42





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is very well arranged and covers alal the names of various personalities as well as opinions about them, whether in praise or in condemnation. Hardly a name has been left out. He died in 1026 AH.

53.Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Bin Jabir Bin Abbas Al Aamili Al Mashghari An Najafi

He was apupil of Mirza Astrabadi. He worte a book on Rijal as well as a treatise on nick names and titles. He died I during the eleventh century.

54.As-Sayyid Mustafa Bin Al-Hussain Al Tafarishi

He is the author of a well known book, titled Naqd-ur-Rijal which contains much useful data and is distinguished for the account of alla those who were born aftrer Ash-Shaikh At-Tusi.

55.Khudawidi was a classmate of At-Tafrishi during their lessons with Al-Mawla Abdullah At-Tustari. He wrate of Zubdat-ur-Rijal. He died during the eleventh century.

56.Al-Mawla Inayat Ullah Bin Sharaf-ud-din Ali Al-Asbahani Al-Qahbani An-Najafi.

He was the author of Majam-ur-Rijal. He also wrote notes on Naqd-ur-Rajal. He died during eleventh century.

57.Ash-Shaikh Hassan Bin Ali Bin Ahmad Al-Hanini is the author of Nazm-ul-Jaman Fi Tarikh-il-Akabar-i-Wal-Ayan.

58.Ash Shaikh Farj-Ullah Al-Hawaii

He died in 1035 AH. He is the auithor of Iijaz-ul-Miqal Fi ilm-ir-Rijal. He died around 1035 AH

59.As-Sayyid Muhammad Al-Baqir Ad-Damad Al-Asfahani.

HE wrote Ar-Rawashihus Samawiyyah as well as notes and commentary on Muntahal Miql. He died in 1041 AH.

60.Nizam-ud-Din Muhammad Bin Al-Hussain Al- Qarashi As-Sawuji

He was a pupil of Ash-Shaikh Al-Bahai. He wrote Nizam-ul-Aqwal Fi Marifat-ir-Rijal. I have seen a copy of this written by the author himself in Jabal Aamil. He died during the eleventh century.

61.Ash-Shaikh Abdun Nabi Al-Jazairi

He is the author of Hawil Aqwal Fi Ilm-ir-Rijal. He died in the early eleventh century.

62.Ash-Shaikh Fakhr-ud-Din At-Tarihi An-Najafi

He wrote Jami-ul-Miqal Fima Yataalliqu Bil Hadith-i-war-Rijal. He diedin 1085 AH.

63.As-Shaikh Muhammad Amin Bin Muhammad Ali Al-Kazimi was a pupil of At-Taqrihi and wrote a commentary on his teacher’s book on Rijal. He also wrote Hidayat-ul-Muhaddithin Ila Tariqat-il-Muhammadin. He died during the eleventh century.

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