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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 39 / 42





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64.Muhammad Bin Mulla Al-Kashi

He is known as Iim-ul-Huda. He wrote a Nadd-ul-Iidah whch is a kind of complement of Iadah-ul-Istibah written by Al-Allamah Al-Hilli. He was alive in 1100 AH.

65.Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Bin Al-Hassan Bin Al-Hurr Al-Aamili

He wrote a book on Rijal which he mentioned in the end of Wasail. He also wrote Amal-ul-Aamil Fi Ulama’i Jabal-i-Aamil etc. He died in 1104 Ah.

66.Muha Dhdhib-ud-Din Ahmad Bin Rida

He was pupil of Ash Shaikh Muhammad Bin Al Hassan mentioned above. He wrote Fa’iq-ul-Miqal Fil Hadith-i-War Rijal. He died during the eleventh century.

67.As-Shaikh Muhammad Bair Muhammad Taqi Al Asfahani known as Al-Majlisi

He wrote Al-Wajizah Fir Rijal. His death occurred in 1110 AH.

68.Al-Hajja Muhammad Bin Ali Al-Ardbili was contemporary of Al-Majilisi. He wrote Jamiur Rawat on the pattern of Trahdhib ut Tahdib by Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani. He died during the eleventh century.

69.As-Sayyid Ali Khan Ash Shirazi was the author of Salafatul Asr Fi Udaba’il-Asr and Ad-Darajat-ur-Rafiah Fi Tabaqat-ush-Shiah. He died in 118 or 1120 AH.

70. Mirza Abdullah Al-Asfahani aliases Aafandi.

He wrote Riyad-ul-Ulama in ten volumes, five of them are about the Shiite scholars after the minor absence of Twelefth Imam (atf (Al-Ghaibat-us-Sughra) and five volumes are about the Sunnite scholars. He died in 1120 AH.

71.Ash Shaikh Sulaiman Ibn Ash-Shaikh Abdullah Al-Bahrani Al Mahuzi

He wrote Al-Meraj, which is an explanation to the Al-Fahrist of Ash-Shaikh At-Tusi. He wrote Al-Balaghah Fir Rijal. He died in 1121 AH.

72.As-Sayyid Yusuf Bin Yahya Al-Hassani Al-Yamani Az-Zaidi.

He is the author of Nismatus Seher Fiman Tashayya’a Wa Sha’ar. This book is in two volumesw. We have got a copy in our library. He died in 1121 AH.

73.As-Sayyid Abdullah Bin Nur-ud-Din Ne’mattullah Al-Jazairi.

He has compiled an Ijazah containing all the biographical accounts available till that time, to which he has appended the accounts of scholars for 41 years from 1007 to 1138 AH. He died during the twelfth century.

74.Ash-Shaikh Yusuf Bin Ahmad Bin Ibrahim Al-Baharani

He wrote Lu’lu-ul Bahrain in which he collected a large biographical sketches of the scholars of the scholars. He died in 1187 AH.

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