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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 4 / 42





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Ash-Sheikh Jawwad Bin Sad ullah Al-Kazmi who is commonly known as Al-Fadil Al-Jawwad was a pupil of Ash-Shaikh ul-Baha’i. He wrote Ghayatul Ma’mul Fi Sharhi Zubdatul Usful. He died during the eleventh century.


Ash-Shaikh Asadullah Bin Ismail At-Tustari Al-Kazami.

He wrote Kashful-Qina Anil Wajuh-I-Hujjiyatul Ijma. In this book he gave a summary of what his predecessors had woitten and supplemented with the contemporary opinions on admissibility of Ijma. He has been followed by those who came after him upto our own age. He died in 1220 AH.


As-Sayyid Muhammad Al-Jawwad Bin Mhammad Al Husaini Al-Aamili An Najafi is the author of Miftah-ul-Kirmah. He also wrote a commentary on Al-Wafiyah by AT-Tuni. He died in 1226 AH.


As-Sayyid Muhsin Al-A’raji Al-Baghdadi, Khatib-ul-Usuliyyin who is also known as Al-Muhaqqiq-ul-Kazimi si the author of Al-mahasul Fil Usul. He also wrote a commentary on Al-Wafiyah of At-Tuni which was titled by him as Al-Wafi. He died in 1226 AH.


Ash-Shaikh Jafar Ibn Ash-Shaikh Khidar An-Najafi.

He briefly dealt with the issues relating to Usul in the beginning of his book Kashf-ul-Ghita Anil Mahasin-sh Shariat-al-Gharra. He died in 1228. AH.


Ash-Sayyid Hussain Bin Abil Hassan Musa Al-Husaini Al-Aamili Ash Shaqrai was the brother of the grandfather of the author of the present work. He was the most famous among the scholars of Usul in Iraq in his age. The scholars of An-Najaf chose him to debate with Mirza A-Qummi on the issue of admissibility of Absolute Probability when the latter visited Iraq and asked for a debate on this issue. He died in 1230 AH.


Al-Mirza Abul Qasim Al-Qummi wrote Qawanin ul-Usul on which people depended for their study of Usul, in addition to Al-Malim. Many commentaries have been written on this book which will be discussed later on. He died in 1233 AH.


Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Taqi Bin Abdur Rahim At-Tehrani Al Hairi.

He wrote a voluminous book on Usul and named it as Al-Hashiyah Alal Maalilm. He died in 1248 AH.


Ash-Shikh Muhammad Husain Bin Abdur Rahim Al-Asfahani Al-Hairi was brother of Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Taqi. He wrote Al-Fusul il Usul. He died in 1261 Ah.


Mirza Abdul Fattah Bin Ali Al-Husani Al-Maraghi.

He was one of the pupils of the sons of Ash-Shaikh Jafar Al-Janaji An-Najafi. He has books on the pattern of Al-Qawaid of Ash-shahid of Tamhid-ul-Qawaid by Ash-Shahid-uth-Thani. He died during the thirteenth century.


Ash-Shkaih Murtada Bin Muhammad Amin At-Tustari Al-Ansari is known as Murabbi-ul-Ulama (Teacher of the Scholars). He wrote a well-known book, titled Ar-Rasail, which is used for teaching of this subject (Usul) along with Al-Maalim an al-Qawanin. He gives a summary of his predecessors in connection with important principles. He has been followed by those who were his juniors. He dealt with the issues of Usul in such a way that he became the guiding soul for all the come later. Many commentaries have been written on this book and have been printed too. Many books have been compiled from his discussion on Usul from which the people have benefited. He died in 1281 AH.

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