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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 40 / 42





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75.As-Sayyid Muhammad Hassan Bin Abdur Rasul Al-Husainin Az-Zannuri.

He is the author of Riyaz-ul-Jannah, which contains biographical sketches, and geographical accounts of Iranian areas. A copy of this book is available in the library of the Irannian Ministry. A copy of this book is available in the library of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He died in the mid-twelfth century.

76.Aqa Muhammad Baqir Al-Bahbahani is the author of the famous At-Taliqah (commentary) on Manhij-ul-Miqal, which contains very useful biographical data. He died in 1208 AH.

77.As-Sayyid Hussain Ibn al-Amir Ibrahim Ibn Al-Amir Muhammad Masum Al-Qazwani wrote a book on biographical sketches, a part of which is avialble with us. He died in 1208 AH.

78.As-Sayyid Mahdi At-Tabatabai was a student of As-Sayyid Hussain Al-Qazwini mentioned above. He was known as Bahr-ul-Ulum. He wrote a book on Rijal which has certain points of merit not found in other books. He died in 1212 AH.

79.Muhammad Bin Ismail Al-Hairi alias Abu Ali wasthe author of Muntahal Maqal Fi Ahwal-ir-Rijal. He died during thirteenth century.

80.Ash-Shaikh Abdun Nabi Al-Qazwini was apupil of Bahr-ul-Ulum. He wrote the complement to Amal-ul-Aamil. We have got a copy of it which we made in Tehran in 1353 AH. He died during the thirteenth century.

81.Ash-Shaikh Muhsin Al-A’raji Al-Kazimi is commonly known as Al-Muhaqqiq-ul-Baghdadi. He wrote Al-Iddah Fir Rijal, a copy of which is available with us. He died in 1227 AH.

82.Ash-Shaikh Abd-un-Nabi Al-Kazimi. He lived in Jabal Aamil. He wrote Takmilat-ur-Rijal, which is written as a note on Naqd-ur-Rijal of As-Sayyid Mustafa At-Tafrishi. We have got a copy of it. he died in 1256 AH.

83.Ash-Sahikh Muhsin Bin Khanfar An-Najafi

His students, As-Sayyid Muhammad Al-Hindi has said in Nazm-ul-Laal that hwas a unique personality in the field of the study ofRijal during his age. He diedi n 1270 AH.

84.Ash-Shaikh Murtada Bin Muhammad Amin Al-Ansari Ash-Shushtari

He wrote a book on Rijal, a copy of which I have seen in Al-Khazanah Ar-Ridawiyyah (at Mashhed). He died in 1281 AH.

85.Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Hassan Al-Barfarushi Al-Mazandarani

He completed Natijat-ul-Miqal Fi Ilm-ir-Rijal in 1284 AH.

86.Mirza Muhammad Ali Bin Sadiq Bin Mahdi Al-Kashmiri Al-Lakhnawi

He wrote Nujum-us-Sama Fi Tarajim-il-Ulama in Persian. It is printed. Its composition started in 1286 AH.

87.Mirza Muhammad Bin Sulaiman At-Tankabani wrote Qisas-ul-Ulama in Persian, which has been printed. He died in 1302 AH.

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