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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 41 / 42





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88.Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Ali Aal Izzu-Din Al-Aamili

He wrote a book on the lives of scholars which I saw written in his own hands. It was lost during the disturbance in Jabal Aamil whihctook place in our age. He diedin 1303 AH.

89.Ash-Shaikh Ali Bin Muhammad Ali-Aamili Al-Kafrawi.

He was the historian of Jabal Aamil. He wrote Al-Jawahar-ul-Mujarrad which is an explanation of a poem composed by Ali Bay Al-Asad in which he has given life accounts of may scholars of Jabal Aamil who were contemporaries to him or lived before his times but were not included in any book. He has also given the history of well-known families and incidents. But this is what is heard. We have not seen thiws book. It might have been lost like many other niceties of Jabal Aamil on account of bad luck or his decendents have clung to this book and do not let it be seen which will also amount to being lost. He died in 1303 AH.

90.Ash-Shaikh Mulla Ali Al-Kanni At-Tehrani An-Najafi

He wrote Tawdih-ul-Miqal Fi Ilm-ir-Rijal. He died in 1306 AH.

91.As-Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Al-Asfahani

He is the author of a voluminous book titled Rawadat-ul-Jinan, which deals with lives of scholars and sayyids. It has been published. He died in 1313 AH.

92.Ash-Shaikh Mirza Hussain An-Nuri

He is an expert biographer. There are many biographical pieces in his book Dar-us-Salam. Similarly in the end of his book Mustadrakat-ul-Wasail he has given very valuable information about various personalities and their lives. He died in 1320 AH.

93.Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Taha Aal Najaf At-Tabrizi An-Najafi

He is the author of Ittiqan-ul-Miqal Fi Ahwal-ir-Rijal. It is a printed book. The author died in 1323 AH.

94.As-Sayyid Muhammad Bin Hashim Al-hindi An-Najafi

He is the author of Naam-ul-Laal Fi Ilm-ir-Rijal. He died in 1323 AH.

95.Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Bin Abbud Al-Kufi Al-Khitab Al-Hairi

He finished writing Ash-Shajarat-ut-Tayyibah fi Ahwal-il-Ulama-il-Muntajibah in 1340 AH.

96.Ash-Shaikh Ali Bin Hassan Bin Ali Bin Sulaiman Al-Biladi Al-Bahrani is the author of Nur-ul-Badrain Fi Ulama-il-Ahsa-i-wal-Qatif wal Bahrain. We have two copies of this book one of which is original one. The author died in 1340 AH.

97.The editors of the book Danishwaran-e-Nasiri Fi Tarajim-il-Ulama compiled it in Persian under instructions from the king of Iran Nasir-ud-Din Shah Qachar in many big volumes. They have finalized the first one which has been published. This is about 1296 AH.

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