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Extract from the Book A Shiite Encyclopedia by Hassan Aminie - page 5 / 42





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As-Sayyid Mehdi Al-Qazwini Al-Hilli An-Najafi is the author of Talif Fil Usul. He died in 1300 AH.


As-Shaikh Musa Binb Amin Aal Shararah Al-Aamili wrote a poem on the subject which has no parallel. He died in 1304 AH.


Mirza Musa At-Tabrizi is one of the contemporaries. He has written Hashiyah (notes) on the Rasail of Shaikh Murtada, which is quite a voluminous book and has been printed. He died during the fourteenth century.


Mirza As-Sayyid Muhammad Hasan Ash-Shirazi was domiciledin Samara. He was on the most famous teachers of Usul and trained many a scholar. He was himself a pupil fo Ash-Shaikh Murtada. Among his writings is a book Risalah Fil Mushtaqq. He died in 1312 AH.


Mirza Habib Ullah Ar-Rishti was apupil of Shaikh Murtada. He was a very famous teacher of Usul and wrote a book named Badai-ul-Usul. He died in 1313 AH.


Mirza Shaikh Muhammad Hasan Al-Ashtiyani At-Tehrani was a pupil of Shaikh Murtada. He wrote a commentary on Ar-Rasil which has been printed. He died in 13232 AH.


Ash Shaikh mulla Kazim Al-Khurasani An-Najafi was our teacher and our Shaikh. He was one of the most famous teachers of Usul in our age. He polished the subject and simplified it. He has written a commentary on the Rasail of Shaikh Murtada as well as Al-Kifayah Fil Usul in which he treated all the necessary topics of the subject, with the result that the students and teachers bank upon it alongwith Al-Maalim, Qawanin and Rasail. Nowadays, Al-Qawanin has been left and the study of Usul is confined to three books, namely, Al-Maalim, Ar-Rasail and Al-Kifayah. He died in 1329 AH.


Ash-Shaikh Mahdi Al-Khalisi Al-Kazami was one of the pupils of Shaikh Mulla Kazim Khurasani. He wrote a commentary on Al-Kifayah and has written on many subjects in Usul. He died in 1343 AH.


As-Sayyid Abul Hassan Asfahani


Ash-Shaikh Mirza Hussain An-Naini


Ash-Shaikh Abdul karim Al-Yazdi


Ash-Shaikh Diya-ud-Din Al-Iraqi An-Najafi was a student of Shaikh Mulla Kazim and was a very famous teacher. He has written a commentary on Al-Kifayah. He died in 1361 AH.

`In addition to those mentioned above, many scholars of our age as well as in the past have written books which are numerous and printed. To estimate the work done by the Shiite scholars in this field is difficult, not to speak of enumerating the scholars and teachers on the subject.

Shi’ite Jurists and authors on jurisprudence

and the traditions.

From among the companions

The first and foremost among the companions of the \Prophet who has acquired the knowledge of Jurisprudence was the Imam of the Shiites and their Chief Amir-ul-Mumiin Ali Bin Abi Talib (A.S.).

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