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And now in our quest for a Maronite role in society we turn to faith, God's gift to us.  The "WE" of faith is an all-encompassing project of life and an attitude toward one's whole existence.  Our faith makes us "WE" in and through the Church, a word that comes from the Greek adjec­tive kurakos and means "belonging to the Lord."  It trans­lates the Greek word eklesia, a word used to refer to the early Christian assemblies.  Through the Church, the Christian becomes an active member of Christ's Body by means of Baptism.  He is summoned to play a unique, irreplaceable role in the salvation of humanity.  This he can do properly only in the Church.

All too many Christians take their role as a mere obliga­tion to fulfill the Law.  They forget what "assembly" means.  They forget that Baptism and Eucharist are closely related.  Some attend the Liturgy without seeing any great significance in the assembly itself.  Why?  Because the eucharistic assembly means little to them in their daily life.  Yet the truth is so different!  We should think of life within the Church as the leaven that makes the bread what it should be.

Because we do not grasp this, there is a dire need for a theology of assembly that will deepen the ecclesial awareness of each Christian inside the community and/or dispersed among other

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