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specific form, be communicated so it can be held and lived every­where by many people under totally new conditions, without loss of its original identity?"  Well, surely it must come about by updat­ing and communicating it in new ways.  

Here is what it means to be Maronite laity in today's church.  It is to battle the two enemies of tradition:  on the one hand, living in the past, on the other hand, ignoring that past so as to be totally independent of it.  This lay challenge is not different from that facing our Maronite priests, but it is in a different arena.  The priests' challenge is to help us gather as Maronite faithful, true to our beautiful liturgical tradition.  But the challenge for the Maronite laity is to emerge from the celebration of the Liturgy of the Divine Mysteries where we re-enact the events of Christ's life each week and live them in the world -- at home, on the job, and in the marketplace, bringing Him to places that the priest cannot reach.

A Maronite Christian lives the events of His life as enriched by our poetic Saint Ephrem and other writers whose mystical insights give us a unique perspective on and participation in the saving work of God among His people through the context of the daily routine in this particular place, time, and way.  

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