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    This is changing the cultural within organisations:

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      “I think there is a lot of experimentation in government. They are much more ready to experiment.” (IT Practitioners group)

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        “I am given a lot of room to be creative, and put in my own ideas.” (Project manager level civil servants group)

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        “Where I work we have a good mix of private sector and public sector and elsewhere. It makes a much more refreshing approach to [innovative] areas of work.” (Mid-level civil servants group)

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        “There are more people now in the civil service who are able to step into a position and take over a particular innovation.” (Mid-level civil servants group)

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        “There is much more talk and thought about looking for new ways to deliver public services. How successful is it, well that is another issue. The mentality, the mind set is there and there is a new breed of people at that sort of level across the centre who are much more turned on to it.” (Senior civil servants group)

44. This is changing working practices within central government organisations:

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    Before, the people in head office, the people in policy - were so divorced from operations, that there were decisions and they don’t work. And the reason they don’t work is that they don’t talk to operations. Now there has been a shift - and I think it’s a very healthy shift - that people in operations are now starting to get consulted properly, so all those systems that are put in place that don’t work, you know, they are actually asking us why they don’t work.” (Project manager level civil servants group)

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      “You need a small team to innovate, with the right skills, commitment, enthusiasm. As soon as you get someone who wants to take six months to think about it, get them off the team.” (Mid-level civil servants group)

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      “ . . . in our example of an innovative project, I was asked to lead on this piece of work, and involved four other people from the organisation in a working group to kind of thrash out some principles of what we wanted to do.” (Project manager level civil servants group)

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      “We did one of these solution events as they are called and we had everyone there from the Chief Executive to the guy who answered the phone. Spent two days doing exercises and it was fantastic and we are sitting round in shirt sleeves and we probably got more ideas in that two days than we have had in the last ten years.” (Senior civil servants group)


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