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Calcasieu Parish Peace Officer's Ass'n

Phone: 337-491-3743

5400 E Broad St Lake Charles, LA 70615

Fax: 337-494-1136 email: voclifton@cpso.com

2008 CPPO Pistol Match Registration

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Calcasieu Parish Regional Training Academy 3958 Mallard Cove Drive Lake Charles, LA 70615

The Calcasieu Parish Peace Officer's Association is pleased to announce the return of the annual CPPO Pistol Match. This match is open to any full-time law enforcement officer based in Calcasieu Parish. The match will be held at the Calcasieu Regional Training Academy Range on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008.

Only duty holsters on the strong side waist will be allowed. No crossdraw, shoulder, ankle, or competition holsters will be permitted. When the weapon is holstered, the trigger must be fully covered.


Registration will begin at 7:30 AM, and competition will start at 8:00. The entry fee for the match is $10.00 if pre- registering by mail, or $15.00 at the gate. Pre-registrations must be received no later than November 19th, 2008. The entry fee includes your target and lunch.

The course of fire will be the new NRA Stock Service Weapon Course. This course is a 48 round course fired at a B27 target. The stages of fire are;

1. 3 yards, 6 rounds, standing, one hand, 8 seconds

Food will be served after the match, and door prizes will be presented. Alcohol will not be allowed on academy grounds and, due to safety considerations, we ask that no children under the age of 12 attend this match.

Since it has been several years since the last match, all shooters are currently unclassified. Therefore, this match will use the 'Lewis' scoring system. Under this system, the highest 20% of the scores will be AA class, the next 20% will be A class, the next 20% will be B class, and so on. Trophies will be awarded to the top three shooters in each class.

You may shoot a revolver or semi-auto pistol for this match, but your gun must be of a stock service configuration. Revolvers must have a 4-1/2 inch or shorter barrel, and must be .38 or .357 caliber. Semi-auto pistols must have a 5-1/2 inch or shorter barrel, and be 9mm, .40, or .45 caliber. All weapons must use open sights only, no peep sights, sight ribs, red dots, lasers, or scopes. No barrel weights will be allowed. Grips may be changed if desired.

  • 2.

    7 yards, 12 rounds, one or two hands, 20 seconds

  • 3.

    15 yards, 12 rounds, one or two hands, 20 seconds

  • 4.

    25 yards, 6 rounds, one or two hands, kneeling using

the barricade - 6 rounds standing left hand barricade - 6 rounds standing right hand barricade, 90 seconds

All stages are fired double action, and a maximum of 6 rounds are allowed in each magazine. The time limit for each stage includes magazine changes. The maximum possible score is 480 points. In case of a tie, the number of X's will determine the higher score.


If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email as listed above. We look forward to seeing you for a day of fun and friendly competition.

Fill out the second page of this registration form, enclose check or money order for $10.00 payable to the Calcasieu Parish Peace Officer's Association, and mail to the address below.

Calcasieu Parish Peace Officer's Association c/o Calcasieu Regional Training Academy 5400 E. Broad St. Lake Charles, LA 70615

If payment is not received by November 19th, 2008, the higher 'Gate' registration fee will apply

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