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When asked if they had any sexual experience none of the students answered yes. 91% answered that they have never had sex and the remaining students didn’t answer the question. The students were asked if it’s common that people in their neighbourhood pay or get paid to have sex. 43% answered no and only 1% answered yes. The remaining students answered don’t know or didn’t answer.

On the questions about condoms only 13% of the female students and 43% of the male students said that they have seen a condom. 18% of the females and 29% of the males answered that they knew how to use a condom. 36% of both the males and the females were of the opinion that the man has the biggest responsibility to make sure a condom is used during sexual intercourse. 35% and 39% of the females and males respectively thought that the man and the woman have equal responsibility. None of the females but 6% of the males answered that the woman is responsible. (Fig. 5, 6, 7)

Personal interviews

19 students in the village (8 girls and 11 boys) and 20 students in the city (10 girls and 10 boys) were interviewed. The students were between 16 and 20 years old. The mean age was 18.2 years in the city and 18.1 years in the village. None of the students was married. All the students in the village were Hindus, in the city 16 students were Hindus, two were Muslims and two were Christians.

Knowledge about HIV/AIDS:

Symptoms of HIV: The majority of the students, both in the village and the city, told us that the most important symptom of HIV is weight loss. Other symptoms they mentioned were weakness, multiple infections, fever, loss of appetite, black coloured face, diarrhoea and unsteady walk. We didn’t notice any difference in knowledge about symptoms between the village and the city but the students in the city used a more “educated” language, for example they used expressions like “opportunistic infections” and “decreased immunity”.


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