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Joe Massaro, ’58, and his wife, Nancy, a dental hygien- ist, will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on July 4, 2009. they reside in Flo- ral Park, N.y. sebastian G. Ciancio, ’61, was installed as

president of the international Academy of Periodontology. Ciancio is pro- fessor and chair of the Department of Perio- dontics and Endodontics. Joel Goldberg, ’70, is still mar- ried to Myrna, the same love of his life who went through dental school with him. their daughter, Jennifer, who was born May 1970 (gradua- tion time), has two children, Heather (age 13) and Zachary (age 12), who are bat- and bar-mitzvahed. the family is planning a trip to Europe in June 2009. Congratulations to robert Joynt, ’70, for having the Class of 2009 dedicate this year’s yearbook to him. Joynt CianCio

retired from the School of Dental Medicine in October 2008 after 38 years of service. Mi- chael J. Levine, ’71, received the Educator Award from the American Academy of Perio- dontology in recognition of his excellence in teaching. levine is clinical professor in the Department of Periodon- tics and Endodontics. Chet Gary, ’78, JD, editor of the Eighth District Bulletin, re- JoYnt


ceived honorable mention in the 2008 Bernard P. tillis Award Competition. Gary was rec-

18 ubdentist Summer 2009

ognized for his editorial, “if your conscience could talk,” which appeared in the 2007 holiday edition. Lt. Col. nora townsend, ’81, retired from the N.y. Air National Guard after 20 years of military ser- vice. townsend served in plac- es around the world, including Japan, Honduras, trinidad and in the U.S. She attended many educational events and institutions during her military career, including the Air Force institute of Pathology, the Na- tional Safety transportation Board, courses in forensic od- ontology and combat medical training. townsend said it was a very rewarding experience. heidi C. Crow, Ms ’91, tMD ’91, has been appointed acting associate dean for advanced education (see story on Page 6). seb andreana, Ms ’95, was appointed vice chairman of the science and research

anDrEana committee of the Academy of laser Den- tistry. He was also appointed as reviewer of the Journal of Osseointegra- tion and to the editorial board of Doctor laser, section of periodontology. Andreana is currently associate professor in the Department of restor- ative Dentistry and direc- tor of the implant Dentistry Program. Congratulations to sumathi and Valli nadara- jah, Ms ’95, GPr ’00, on the birth of their son, Gautham, March 13, 2009. they also have a daughter, Mishaali, 7. Fadi ayoub, ’97, GPr ’98, received the 2009 William M. Feagans Award. recipients of this award “shall have shown to students a con-

cern that encompasses the finest aspects of academic dentistry, tempered with an appreciation of the demands of real-life dentistry and the inherent challenges of student life.” Ayoub also received the richard A. Powell Award, pre- sented “to a faculty member who in the considered judg- ment of faculty and students is an outstanding educator.” Benita D. sobieraj, ’97, GPr ’98, received the Class of 2009 Educator of the year Award and was the faculty speaker at

commencement. Kevin Chin, ’04, has become a partner in a general dentistry private practice in Philadelphia, Pa. He is also currently a clinical associate at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. namrata nayyar, Ms ’09, won second place in the Graduate Prosthodontic table Clinic Competition at the 81st annual meeting of the American Prosthodontic Society in Chicago, ill., in Feb- ruary.

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During the week of March 15-21, UB dental alumni and friends ventured to beautiful las vegas. We enjoyed being together, playing golf and the highlight of our trip, climbing turtlehead Peak in red rock Canyon. With minor obstacles, five class of 1983 alumni made it to the 6,200-foot peak. After administration of oxygen and CPr for ray Niceforo, the crew went back to the hotel to soak in the hot tub and take a nap. Can’t wait until next year: i’m hiring a donkey. — ray

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