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CBW 2006 Profile Winner—Bette Addington

Having captured the California Bowing Writers Profile Award in 2003, Bette Addington was surprised to have won again but her story on one person’s deter- mination to bowl in league, in a wheelchair,

ment, and Overall Reporting which requires a “sustained” effort. She is the recipient of the Lucelle Ware Memorial Award for Overall Excellence in Writing (1998) and the prestig- ious NWBW Publicity Chairman of the Year

was a winner.

Bette brings a variety of talent to the California Bowling Writers. Her bio as a new board member of CBW quoted her as saying “it is being a part of a team that has the same goals that really energizes me.” The Bakersfield native walks the walk and talks the talk. She always makes an effort to support CBW writing contests be- cause she believes in sup- porting the cause and win- ning is just the icing on the cake.

award (2001) and their Mary Jannetto Award for Out- standing Local Bowling Promotion. Capping it all off was her induction into the Bakersfield WBA Hall of Fame in 2005.

No doubt, Bette is a winner. She is an idea person, she is organized, she does her homework and she is always pre- pared. Like a good journalist, she is always looking for a

Bette has won several

Bette Addington with award

story opportunity.

awards, not only for writing, but for her efforts to promote the game of bowling. She has been recognized for doing the “hard” stuff like promoting state tournament when Bakersfield hosted the California WBA Championship Tourna-

She has been writ- ing a weekly bowling column for the Bakers- field Californian for the last nine years and writing a weekly column takes commitment and dedication. She Edits the Bakersfield Car Club Council newsletter and is a

spokesperson for the group. All this and she still has time to carry a notable bowling average.

Bette enjoys working with youth and is a Certified Level 1 YABA coach. She started bowling in high school (hoping to meet someone interest- ing) but it was her husband of nearly 30 years, Chris, who really got her into league bowling. After a disastrous start she decided the goal was to “beat Chris.”

Bette and Chris share a love of the sea as well as building and re-building classic cars and have won awards all over the Western U.S. and Can- ada. They even took one to Sweden and won. They are Mom and Pop to two Chocolate Labs, Mocha Lynne and Lucy.

Really keeping both Chris and Bette busy is try- ing to get their yard “back” in shape. They live in a area that has some working oil wells and one decided to blow and it decimated their house and yard with oil. It has taken them over two years to really begin to get things cleaned up.

Bette Addington believes in the philosophy of: “handle any situation the way you would want to be treated, put yourself in the other person’s place and go from there.”

CBW is proud of their 2006 Profile Award winner

  • Bette Addington.

Report From the CWBA—CBW Product Fair

By: Bette Addington

We must really be making an impres- sion! This year for the California Bowling Writer’s tables in the CWBA Product Fair, we were given the whole back area of the Product Fair room! This worked out great as we were able to be positioned right next to our luncheon sponsor, Circus Circus. Thank goodness we got this spot be- cause with all the chance drawing gifts our members once again donated for the famous “Dice Game”, we needed this room! At last count, I believe we had a total of 125 gifts to give out this year!!

Robert and Pat Brown manned the “Ring Toss” game which was held to bring Circus Circus into the event this year. Judging by the reaction of the women, it was a “challenging” experi- ence and the adorable stuffed ani- mals, donated by Circus Circus, were given out to the winners of the game.

All the activity down at “our end” of the Product Fair generated a total of 83 members signed up. Seven of these

members were NEW members. Again this year we held a drawing among those NEW members we signed up Conven- tion weekend and President Duffy drew Joan Scharsch, of Chico, as the winner of our NEW member gift and presented it to her at the CWBA Meeting on Sunday. A few members trickled in after the CWBA Convention. Thanks to the per- sistence of CBW President Agnes Duffy, who went after Missy Bellinder. Persis- tence paid off for Agnes as Missy ended up joining our organization!

This year, besides selling memberships at our Product Fair tables, we held the popular “Dice Game”, sold our CBW polo’s and ran a sale to sell our pin t- shirts and the Totes and Totefolios. An- other hot item that was the brainstorm of Donna Dillard was our “Grab Bags”! We couldn’t stuff them fast enough to keep a supply on the tables. They were stuffed with leftover items in our CBW stock like the previous years Member Renewal gifts, bowling pins, etc. They sold like hotcakes! They kind of added to the nostalgic feeling of the convention since it was the end of CWBA.

Again, the success of our CBW tables in the Product Fair would not be possible without the help of our CBW members. Each and every member that was part of this year’s event contributed in their own special way and that is what makes us suc- cessful. President Duffy contributed her guidance and helped us out both physically and verbally! Treasurer Tina Martin had some great suggestions as well as helped organize everything! Secretary Donna Dil- lard had everything lined up to make things run smoothly and was non-stop to make sure things got done! Director Marianne Evans who helped us get a great spot for our tables in the Product Fair! And, Jackie Wyckoff, Phil Severance, Mary Lynly, Marian Mann, Andrea Adamson, Betty Schlegel, Eloise Cottrell and several other CBW members for being a part of this year’s event by either helping out working a shift, or donating some super chance draw- ing gifts! Some even donated gifts that went with our theme like the cute clown donated by Joan Scharsch. And, last but certainly not least, thank you to Director Joan Romeo for coordinating this whole event with CBW and Circus Circus from the Product Fair through our Luncheon!

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