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Tips for Using Microsoft Word

By Jackie Wyckoff

TIP #1:

Spacing Out over Line Spacing in Word?

TIP #2:

Switching between Multiple Word Docu- ments

you can see on screen. You can copy a block from one document to the other. Just mark the block in the first document, copy it (press Ctrl+C), open the second document, and paste it in (Ctrl+V).

In Microsoft Word, there are three handy keyboard shortcuts for three types of line spacing. Single-spacing, 1-1/2-line spacing, and double-spacing. (Beyond these, you have to use the Paragraph dialog box.) To single-space a paragraph (or all para- graphs in a block), press Ctrl+1 (that's the numeral 1, not a lowercase L!).

To double-space paragraph(s), press Ctrl+2. To use 1-1/2 spaced lines, press Ctrl+5. Line spacing is usually done to accommo- date notes or rude comments to be penciled in later.

For example, double-spacing is often re- quired by fussy editors who, without enough room in their precious 1-inch margins, want to write under, over, and between what you write. Not to mention that increasing your line spacing easily makes a 1-page paper fill out the full 3-page requirement the teacher gave.

Remember: Ctrl+5 means 1-1/12-line spacing, not 5-line spacing.

Word 2003 lets you work on up to a zillion documents at once. Well, actually, you can work on several documents at once. When- ever you open a new document or choose File, New to start a new document from scratch, Word opens another document window.

All the document windows appear as but- tons on the taskbar. To switch from one document to another, click its button on the taskbar.

A quick way to switch from one document window to another is to press the Alt+Tab key combination.

Another way to switch documents is to use the Window menu. Alas, the Window menu displays only the first nine documents you have open (which is a bunch). For any more than nine windows, you see a More Win- dows menu item that displays the entire list of all the documents and windows you're working on in Word.

The goings-on in one document are inde- pendent of any other: Printing, spell check- ing, and formatting affect only the document

TIP #3:

Besides making backup copies of your documents on your own, you can tell Word to make backup copies for you. Under this arrangement, Word makes a second copy of the document and keeps it in the same folder as the original. However, the backup copy is made only when you, and not Word, save the document. If a power failure oc- curs, you can't recover the work you did in the last few minutes, although you can recover the version of the document that was saved the last time you saved the document.

To tell Word to create backup copies of your documents, choose Tools, Options, select the Save tab in the Options dialog box, and check the Always Create Backup Copy check box.

For your Ctrl+5 key press, don't use the 5 key on the numeric keypad; that's the command to select all the text in your document. In- stead, use the 5 key hovering over the R and T keys on your keyboard


Mary Lynly, President 916-782-1321

Donna Dillard, Secretary 626-683-8658

Bette Addington, 2nd VP 661-589-3119

Tina Martin, Treasurer 415-897-4458

Marian Mann, Sergeant at Arms 650-991-9386


Kathy Watson

Marianne Evans

Robert Brown

Joan Romeo

Nostalgic Final CWBA Senior Tournament

Leslie Spears and Phil Severance have tended the CWBA Senior Women’s Tourna- ment with love for the last 25 years and as they greeted each squad of the final and 25th Annual Tournament, the plaudits continued to come. The bowlers love coming by bus and the ladies on the Stockton bus presented them each with a beautiful Bouquet of fresh flowers and a card each signed by the bowlers. When the bus from Missiles Cities (Central Coast WBA) checked in, each bowler presented either a bottle of shampoo or a tube of tooth- paste, a result of Leslie's remarks at the last convention, toothpaste on her face as a mois- turizer and shampoo on my legs as a lotion the mishaps of tired tournament manag- ers. The Citrus Belt ladies presented them with a plaque entitled "Pink Slip" for 25 years of service to the Senior ladies of Califor- nia and the climax was Wray Nell Pearson and Charlene Hedberg's "Thanks for the Memories" rendition on tape by Wray Nell's granddaughter and words handed out to eve-

ryone on the squad to sing along. Plaques went with the presentation.

Hugs every day is always a special part of this tournament for Phil and Les and you can be sure the tears flowed as well.

Final Unofficial Standings:

Super Senior Class: Connie Cortez San Jose , 1318 A Class: Willa Houston, Missile Cities WBA, 1322 B Class: Sandy Livran, Marin County WBA , 1272 C Class: Carole Coelho, Imperial Valley WBA, 1482 D Class: Karen Smith, Avocado WBA, 1346

Scratch Series: Super Senior: Faith Douthitt, Imperial Valley , 619

A Class: Willa Houston, Missile Cities , 635 B Class: Cari Burris, Citrus Belt, 597 C Class: Kathleen Watson, Alameda County , 640 D Class: Karen Smith, Avocado, 743

Scratch Game S/S: Connie Cortez, San Jose , 223 A Class: Mae Hampton, Citrus Belt, 247 B Class: Ruby Lew, Stockton, 247 C Class: Carole Coehlo. Imperial Valley , 246 D Class: Karen Smith, Avocado, 279

All Spare Game: Liz Schmidt, Missile Cities , 186 75 Pins Over Average: Leona Celle, Stockton, 222 game.. 99 200 games were bowled

No site has been selected for the 2007 Tour- nament as yet.

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