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A League of Ordinary Gentlemen

In case you missed it in the theatre or on TV, you should make an effort to rent this movie—A League of Ordinary Gentlemen. Even if I wasn't a big fan of bowling, I would still like this movie a lot. But since I am a big fan, it made me appreciate the movie that much more. This documentary follows four bowlers, Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Chris Barnes, Wayne Webb, and Pete Weber, during a season on the PBA tour. Steve Miller, ex-CEO and PBA President, attempts to spice up all the players’ images.

Christopher Brown’s documentary acquaints us with these gen- tlemen by presenting us their passionate quirks that actually don’t make them ordinary at all. There are several different story lines followed throughout the film. Williams and Weber are the two superstars of the tour, and get the majority of the movie for themselves, but it also follows former team USA member, USBC Sport Bowling spokesman and rising star Chris Barnes on his journey to greatness, as well as a PBA hall-of-famer with 20 career tournament wins, Wayne Webb. To me, Wayne’s story is the most intriguing due to his past history of gambling and addiction.

TV Guide’s Glen Fox says “The gladiators of Rome never en- tered the arena with more pride, passion and determination”.

If you ever wanted a real look at the PBA behind the scenes, this is a movie for you. For more information and to see trailers of the movie go to www.bowlingmovie.com.

Sharing With Friends on the Lanes

By Sue Mellott

Sacramento – Where California Women’s Championship Tournament is currently being held, brought two friends together once again, who have volunteered their service of 35 and 33 years to our bowling sport. A wonderful friendship developed throughout these years of support and love of bowling. I would like to share with you a story of friendship to a friend from a friend.

Juanita Campbell and Phyl Knoll have known each other many years while attending conventions and bowling tournaments. They both have worked hard helping and sharing in their asso- ciations. The following gives you an idea of their dedication over the years. Phyl is well known for all the activities she is involved in throughout her 35 years of dedication. She has served as President of the Los Angeles WBA not only once but twice, served on all com- mittees, appointed to the CWBA Board by Mary Lynly, and presently is director on the USBC Board. Juanita has served 33 years on the following WBA Boards – Santa Rosa WBA Board 22 years as a director, on the Ways &

Means Committee, and Senior Activity committee. She was also on the San Francisco WBA Board, serving at Ser- geant-at-Arms, BVL Chairman for 12 years and Vice President of the 500 club.

Juanita received her 25 year plaque this year, as she bowled in CWBA’s Championship Tournament. Upon receiving this award she remarked “How gratifying it is to receive this award.”

FRIEND – a well-wisher or supporter.

Five years ago Juanita was presented by CWBA President, Linda Johnson with a 75 year necklace award, which represents 75 years of age. Congratu- lations Juanita for your devotion to our sport. CWBA has given this award over the years to women bowlers that have participated in our great sport. This year, I’m sure, women bowlers were highly disappointed to find out the 75 year necklace was no longer avail- able. I know of one in particular, Phyl Knoll. She was short four days last year and didn’t receive her award. Phyl was looking forward to receiving

the necklace award this year. While bowling team event, Juanita and Phyl were discussing how nice the necklace looks and what a great award it was to receive. You see, Juanita was wearing her necklace that displays California WBA, an outline of the state of Califor- nia, a woman bowler and seventy-five years. Juanita saw how disappointed Phyl was, so guess what? Juanita took her necklace off and put it on Phyl saying “I want you to have this” giving Phyl a hug. That’s a wonderful thing to do for a friend? Being a well-wisher, Juanita said to me “I wanted someone to have the necklace that would appre- ciate it, and if you have a family mem- ber who is not aware of our sport, they would get rid of it, they would not un- derstand its worth. I wanted to share the happiness of what the 75 year necklace award means.” In closing this supporter, Juanita has invited many people into our sport to have fun and enjoy, and she is an example of what she says “Isn’t this what it’s all about?”

My thanks Juanita. It was my pleasure to share with you the joy bowling has brought you.

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