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English UK North working with Ialca in Italy

he Italian Association of Language Consultants and Agents (Ialca) organised a one-day workshop in Italy last year for eight members of the UK language school sub-group, English UK North. The event attracted 36 Italian agents and education consult- ants and was so successful that the event was followed up with a fam trip for Ialca members to visit the north of England in March, organised by English UK North, which saw agents visit the cities of Chester, Manchester, Harro- gate, York and Newcastle. little more time to talk to everyone. It was also nice to be in such a lovely city. From our point of view, it is a very cost-effective way to meet a lot of agents.” Pina Foti, President of Ialca, said that members valued such col- laboration. “The is confirmation of the contribution our association makes to improving the quality of service its mem- bers can offer their clients,” she said, “through a better understanding of the [educational] services offered by quality course providers.” Celine Cameron of Manchester Academy of English commented, “What I realised is that very few agents have in fact visited the north of England over the last five years and were not fully aware of the modern infrastructure.” She added, “Without the strength of English UK North it would have been probably impossible to reach this selected audience who actually chose to be there and therefore had a real inter- est in the North of England.” Meanwhile, English UK North has launched a new website to promote its membership, which is at www.englishuknorth.com. T Richard Day from English in Chester in the UK said that the workshop in Padua consisted of a presentation followed by a workshop with individual meetings between agents and schools. “I personally liked the scale of the event,” he said. “It is nice to take part in smaller events, where you can mix busi- ness with pleasure and have a Italian agents got to know more about the UK’s north

Cactus launches own-brand coursebooks

UK-BASED language training agency, Cactus, which sends clients overseas, offers training in-country and provides TEFL training and job placement, has branched out once again with the development of its own Spanish study coursebooks.

The Cactus-branded books help learners express them- selves through practical and cultural examples, said Chris Moore, Head of Cactus Lan- guage Training, and increase understanding of the language through listening exercises on the accompanying CD.

The language learning books have been devel- oped with Madrid-based publisher, SM/ELE, writ- ten by Virgilio Borobio and designed to reflect the syllabus of Cactus’ Begin- ners and Beginners Plus Spanish courses.

“We’re constantly look- ing for ways to improve our language services, and fol- lowing customer feedback, we saw a need to develop a range of books to suit our Spanish evening courses,” said Moore.

Agency of the month

This month, d’Overbroeck’s College, Oxford, UK, nominates Educom based in Swit- zerland. Helen Wood, Director of Studies, explains this decision.

In a series appearing each month in Language T avel Magazine, we ask a different language teaching institution to nominate one of their pre- ferred agencies or agent part- ners, and to explain why this person/company is worthy of their nomination.

“I am delighted to nominate Carol Pan- chaud who runs the Educom agency based in Switzerland. Carol makes sure she fully understands the ethos and the strengths of our courses and environment and how we differ from more traditional, British independent schools.

Thanks to this knowledge, her personalised approach and her incredibly well organised consultation events, students who apply to us are those who are genuinely most likely to benefit linguistically, culturally and academically from studying with us – and because they are on the right course, they are able to get a huge sense of achieve- ment from their success. Whatever course they are on (summer English, our pre-A level or our A level programmes) students who are happy and successful are the best possible form of marketing for us!

Carol takes the time to make sure she is well informed and fol- lows up with us and the students to review how things went. She is a pleasure to work with and we respect her advice and support.”

8 May 2009

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