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Hothouse babies

There’s been a rush on flowers in Bloomsbury, London with Jane Gilham, Alphe Manager and Bethan Norris, Assistant Editor of LanguageTravel Magazine, both having babies within a month of each other. On the left, Emily, a daughter for Jane, and William, Bethan’s bouncing boy.

Twenty-three Chechen students are studying in the UK with Study Group thanks to a scholarship programme offered by the Chechen government The aim is to enable students to gain world- recognised degrees and return to Chechnya with the transferrable skills necessary for economic and social development. IslamTeppaev (centre) is pictured with teachers.

Chechen students in the UK

30 successful years for CES

Centre of English Studies (Dublin, London, Worthing, Oxford) recently celebrated 30 successful years in business with a gala dinner in the Westin Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. Dinner was held in the magnificent ballroom and the guests, who included many valued agents and old friends of CES, were treated to some wonderful singing by two of Ireland’s operatic up-and-coming stars. A good night was had by all! CES would like to thank all its agents and friends who took the time to travel to be there. “We look forward to another 30 successful years working together,” said Jonathan Quinn.

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16 May 2009

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