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g. the Insured Person may have to provide comprehensive insurance for the Hire Car

We must draw Your attention to the additional terms and conditions of AVR, which are held by EUI Ltd, and can be viewed on request. They may affect the provision of the Hire Car.

5. What is Not Covered?

The following are not covered under this insurance:

  • a.

    all fuel, fares, fines and fees relating to the Hire Car whilst in Your possession

  • b.

    any claim where the Insured Vehicle was being used for hire or reward

  • c.

    any claim where EUI Ltd do not provide indemnity under the terms of the underlying motor policy

  • d.

    any further hire charges incurred after 21 days, or more than 48 hours after payment is issued under the terms of the underlying motor policy for a total loss or theft unrecovered

  • e.

    any claim for theft which has not been reported to the Police

  • f.

    any claim reported to EUI Ltd more than fourteen days after the Insured Incident

  • g.

    any claim for a Hire Car more than fourteen days after the Insured Vehicle has been determined a total loss

  • h.

    sea transit charges in the delivery and collection of the Hire Car

  • i.

    any claim arising out of a deliberate or criminal act or omission, which is found to the Provider’s satisfaction to be of a fraudulent or false nature. The Insured Person will be held responsible for any costs paid or incurred as a result

  • j.

    any excess payable in the event of a claim involving the Hire Car

  • k.

    any Insured Incident which took place outside of the Period of Insurance

6. Notice to the Policyholder/Insured Person

Subrogated Rights

  • a.

    The Insured Person must take all reasonable steps to mitigate the costs of the claim

  • b.

    The Insured Person must pay to the Underwriters any sums by way of costs, charges or fees directly recovered from the Third Party to the extent of the sums indemnified under this Policy

  • c.

    The Insured Person must take all action possible to recover any costs, charges or fees the Underwriters may have paid or be liable to pay and pay any such amounts recovered to the Underwriters.

  • d.

    Upon conclusion of the hire of a replacement car the Underwriters can take over and if necessary conduct proceedings in the name of the Insured Person to recover the hire costs of the Hire Car from the Third Party


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