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MOSAC2 Retreat Agenda

January 26 – 27, 2006

Hawthorn Suites

Board meeting

January 26-27, 2006

Present: Harry Kujath, Pam Osman, Veronica Knight, Robin Granger, Laurie McTearnen, Leanne Cantu, Shayla Hale, Jayne McBride, Heather Otto, Michelle Ruffin, Vicki Stein, Terri Foulkes, Miguel Jaramillo, Sandra Pratt, Daniel Silva, Kelly Thames and Jeff Buchler.

Absent: Otis Morris

Meeting called to order at 10:30 a.m.




Ice Breaker………………………………………………..Miguel



Introductions: Introduce yourself and state one thing that you would like to see happen this year with MOSAC … 2 – 3 minutes each

Veronica Knight – Review of rosters. (board members to make changes)

Harry Kujath – Would like to see a strong fiscal outcome of MOSAC – wants to see things more sound.

Veronica Knight – Would like to get our arms around membership. Establish some grants.

Robin Granger – Would like to see a more diverse group representing our board. (geographically)

Terri Foulkes– Would like to more fully integrate the trainer/trainer registry process.

Jeff Buehler – More ownership by regular MOSAC members. Goal is to get into position to engage the membership to produce more active participation.

Daniel Silva – Learn as quickly as possible & to make significant contributions to MOSAC.

Sandra Pratt – Membership growth. Increase the process and make it more official. Possibly incorporate a membership card with number. More professionalism.

Jayne McBride –Tie in more benefits to membership.

Kelly Thames – Wants to gain as much knowledge as possible. Would like to see the following:  


Update our website


Collaboration with other organizations.

Heather Otto – Doing more with accreditation. Possibly put on an endorser training for the state of Missouri.

LeAnn Cantu – Membership. Build our membership.

Miguel Jaramillo – Validate some things that have already been mentioned. (i.e. membership – increase in numbers, change our website to be more of a resource – more interactive)

Pam Osman – Smooth and positive transition with our Executive Director. Veronica Knight. With our new Executive Director I feel that we could be very productive and successful this year.


Review of Agenda/ Outcomes….Veronica Knight

The schedule will be somewhat flexible to meet board members needs throughout the day. Veronica would like to leave the retreat with some outcomes.

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