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Harry Kujath, wrap up. Went around the table and each person mentioned what they walked away with today.

Meeting concluded at 5:31p.m.

Friday, January 27, 2006 – Meeting called to order at 9:10a.m.

I. Terri Folkes presented handouts created from the “committee” brainstorm that took place on Tuesday.

Terri mentioned that they will be taking “volunteers” for their Quality Rating System research study.

QRS – A star rating borrowed from the restaurant business. Gives parents additional information to assist them with making a decision of where to send their child for care. Currently, in the pilot stage. Department of Social Services has the ultimate authority to bless the models.

II.Financial Report……...Laurie McTearnen

Laurie updated the board on the financial status of the organization.

Laurie indicated that we brought in approximately $44,000.00 however, we spent over $55,000.00. This put us over budget by close to $11,000.00. We need to have a legitimate MOSAC address-this was part of the problem. Harry-concern-We do not have any history tradition from the past. (i.e. a notebook that gets passed on)

Laurie shared with the board that the budget will be revised as the information from the conference and membership will change. Laurie distributed the 4th quarter report.  Primevest – we gained a bit and lost a little. Closed out MOARC and was able to keep the money. In the future, we will not have AT&T money. The $44,215.82 will not be reoccurring.

Laura updated the board on the financial status of the organization.

Could we possibly pay by credit card? Pay-pal? Go ahead and pass out registration forms to people-they can be used. Send forms to Janice.

Concern about members paying for registration with membership & if we need to do something about it?

A question was posed by a board member as to whether or not we should bind our minutes for the year. Minutes should have everything in it from who received awards to attachments, etc. We need to concentrate on increasing our income over the next year. Our priorities this year will be increasing membership and pursing grants. We will need to assist Laurie with the 2006 budget. It will be complete by our next board meeting.

III. Comments from Harry Kujath: The committees need to know this is what needs to happen…

Each committee chair needs to create and keep a notebook (organize in a way that we know what is going on) – Bring to board meetings.

-What goes in the notebook: understanding, what has transpired, recommendations for      next year, summary, give specifics as to what is taking place?

Harry will send out a standardized template of what information needs to be reported.

IV. Survey results from Robin Granger:

See attached. 79.9 % of the individuals that completed the survey were MOSAC members. Ideas: Include this information in the next MOSAIC.

V. Professional Development Credential…. Vicki Stein

Discussion on “Advisor” Training. See attached A.

Trying to build a virtual statewide training network. Over six years you would have four, six hour trainings per year. Going to try to pilot in K.C. with LINK and YOUTHNET. Vicki mentioned that if we could get another AT&T grant, that would assist us with coordinating the YDC pilot program. The YDC at this point is not self sustaining. Looking into possible

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