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venues to pay for this program. (i.e. grants, etc)

MOTION #1: by Robin Granger. All grant proposals be submitted to the board for approval. Second by Laurie McTearnen.  

Motion by Terri Foulkes to amend the motion by inserting at the end, the words “or Fund Development Committee and Executive board.”

Second by Kelly Thames.

Motion by Kelly Thames to insert at the end of the motion “due to time constraints”

Second by Terri Foulkes. Motion carried.

Amendment – insert the words “or Fund Development Committee and Executive board due to time constraints.” Motion carried.

Motion - All grant proposals be submitted to the board for approval or Fund Development Committee and Executive board due to time constraints. Motion carried.

VI. Transition between Shirley and Veronica Knight ….. Harry Kujath

Has met with Vicki Stein.

Has met with Shirley and is up to date with the AT & T grant

Acknowledge several attachments (appendix)

Meeting called to order at 12:50 pm

I. Priority listing of items to address……Veronica Knight

Goal setting applies to education and to committees

Membership identified 4 items that need to be done so that the conference can proceed.


Updating membership list


Phone numbers, email, etc…


Membership card and letter for those returning.


Email all members to see if there are bad email addresses.

Veronica Knight is going to continue to enter information into spreadsheet and create a clean member list.

Next membership committee will help Veronica Knight decide on a software system.

Veronica Knight will get with Greg to get a list of people who joined for the conference.

II. Priority # 3…..Veronica Knight

Get with Greg to figure out how much money is still owed from the conference.

III. Priority # 2

Getting MOSAC out.

A meeting will be scheduled to get the next issue out

Goal is to get information to Veronica Knight by February 10, 2006

IV. Priority # 4  

Continue to search for new grants and funding sources.

V. Committee Formation Discussion

Veronica Knight expressed that each committee needs to set goals and work towards developing a strategic plan.

Committee needs to look at previous committee goals and form goals from there.

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