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22 / 51

Month Year

2 4

Grid reference


Country VC County Name Locality

50 4 30 50



Collector’s Record Number Identifier

50 50

Confirmer Current Referee

50 50

Location of specimen


Herbarium number Abundance

25 10

Doubtful record


Misidentification Foray record Notes


1 255 or memo

10 11


13 14 15 16


18 19

20 21


23 24


26 27 28

in form 01, 02, etc. or - for not recorded 19XX or 199X or 200X (do not use form ‘98’ or ‘02’) single field – no spaces. Please use full reference, i.e. two letters and two, four, six or eight numbers England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Irish Republic, Channel Isles, Scilly Isles, or British Isles Vice County Number (UK or Irish) to allow generation of county lists. May differ from Watsonian Vice County Where collected - preferably as named on OS map in form ‘B.M. Spooner’ (no space between initials but a single space before the surname) or ‘anon’. Only one name; if a group name is used it will be converted to ‘anon’ to hold any reference number allocated by the collector Same notes as for 17 above except that if a group name is used it will be converted to an agreed acronym same notes as for 17 above only used where material has been redetermined code for herbarium. If personal herbarium use form ‘herb. B.M. Spooner’. accession number assigned by herbarium

no standard values have been decided yet for this field either 'D' or '1' (default value for MycoRec users is ‘0’); usually only used by Database Managers. For an unsure identification use ‘cf.’ in the Name of Fungus field, e.g. if it could be Coprinus comatus but recorder is unsure, enter ‘Coprinus cf. comatus’ Used in conjunction with 21 to indicate that the original determination was a misidentification enter ‘F’ if recorded at a BMS foray

free text of any nature

literature used to make identification. MycoRec users have more than one field here but these are brought together on export link to Bibliography of Systematic Mycology database; used for published records unique record number – assigned by Database Manager Number used to uniquely identify a name of a fungus and its use Number used to uniquely identify a current name and its specific use sender’s record number/code (if used); automatically assigned for MycoRec/MycoTrack users ‘Y’ if record is to be treated as confidential used by Database Manager to indicate copyright status Not in use Entered by Database Manager to keep track of origin of major batches of records (e.g. from Local Recording Groups) Name assigned by original recorder (edited only where there is a clear typographical error). Do not include here authors names, use notes field if they are required to fix usage of name (e.g. sensu Orton, 1960). For critical species it helps increase the importance of the record (in the absence of dried material) if the identification literature used is noted in 29 above. Note: Field numbers and names entered in bold are for use by the Database Managers only. 255 or memo Identification Reference 29 8 8 8 30 31 32 BSM Link number BMSFRD record number Name of Fungus Record Number Current Name Record Number 8 33 Senders record code 34 50 Confidential Ownership Update check 35 36 37 1 1 1 2 38 Origin of record Name of Fungus 39 100


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