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KEYS 1 -

List of keys for agarics with medium brown spores Keys to the species in the Collybia dryophila group

KEYS 2 -

Keys to the British Clavarioid Fungi: Clavulina and Clavulinopsis

KEYS 3 -

List of Keys for agarics with pink spores A preliminary list of British Heterobasidiomycetes, British polypores Supplement to Keys to Collybia dryophila group

KEYS 4 -

Keys to the species of Clavaria Keys to the species of Ramaria

KEYS 5 -

A list of British Aphyllophoroid fungi

KEYS 6 -

Provisional Key to British species of Tephrocybe found on burnt ground Key to British Typhula and other species British Heterobasidiomycetes: additions, corrections and further notes

KEYS 7 -

Some problem Tricholomas Tricholoma albobrunneum Analysis of some spore length distributions Some hints for identifying wood in the field

KEYS 8 -

Keys to Naucoria species of damp ground Notes of British fungi on burnt ground, charcoal, charred vegetation etc.

KEYS 9 -

The etymology of British fungus names – Lactarius and Russula Uncommon fungi – Naucoria amarescens Key to British Clavariadelphus species Key to British Ramariopsis species

KEYS 10 -

Alphabetical list of British Myxomycete species

KEYS 11 -

Keys to the British species of Lactarius

KEYS 12 -

Keys to British species of Amanita and Limacella A Collybia quick key Keys to Galerina species

BMS KEYS - list of contents


QUICK KEYS: Hygrocybe; Amanita and Limacella; Collybia

Keys can be obtained by application to Archie McAdam, Silverdale, Raikeswood Crescent, Skipton, Yorkshire BD23 1ND. They are supplied at the cost of photocopying plus postage. For more details send a SAE plus an extra first class stamp.


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