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FEEL your knees lying comfortable supported by the floor.

Your Feet and Ankles:

PUSH your feet away from your hips, gently curling the toes under. Stop ………….Repeat

THINK about the movement.

FEEL your feet resting at the ends of your legs.

Now that you have produced relaxation in the muscles of your arms and legs, just enjoy the sensation of your limbs resting. Check your breathing is gentle, maybe sighing from time to time as you breathe out.

Your Body:

PUSH your body down into the floor along the length of the spine. Stop and let go ………….Repeat

THINK about the movement.

FEEL the floor holding the weight of your body. You have transferred all your body weight to the floor.

Your Head:

PRESS your head straight down into the floor, pulling in the chin. Stop and let go ………….Repeat

THINK about the movement.

FEEL the tightness flowing out.

Your Face:

CLOSE the lips and teeth. Keeping the lips gently touching, inside the mouth part the teeth, pulling the jaw down. When your teeth are comfortably separated and you feel your heavy jaw hanging loosely inside your mouth, Stop ………….Repeat

THINK about the movement.

FEEL the looseness of your lips and jaw.

Your Forehead:

RAISE the eyebrows up to the hairline. Let your brows rest and find their own level………….Repeat

THINK about the movement.

FEEL the smoothness of your forehead.


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